Reposting some old favourite outfits

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I’m having a reminisce over some favourite blog posts that I made last year when I had a photographer’s help and a good camera haha!  If you want to look up any of those posts, I’ll include the links below.

Outfit 1: Mustard pleated skirt


Outfit 2: Paisley skirt


Outfit 3: cropped football shirt


Outfit 4: cutout red bodysuit


Outfit 5: brogues and blazer look



Football babe casual outfits inspiration with Fanny Neguesha

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Ms Neguesha is THE. MASTER. of pitch-side dressing, so if you have a sports-match date coming up and want to look amazing, take a leaf out of her book with these three looks.  I’ll put each look in it’s own separate post in a mini-series of three posts.

Look 1: knotted white tee and jeans


I really think this is one of the best examples of a casual jeans-and-tee outfit I’ve ever seen on an hourglass figure.  It helps that Fanny is model-tall and model-thin but she’s great inspiration for any hourglass woman because she very definitely has boobs, hips, and thighs.  She shows us that it’s not just the clothes that count, it’s how you wear them and what you wear them with.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.23.49 PM

Now first up, lets take a look at the details.  Her hair is stunning, and she has natural toned, extremely well-blended extensions here, and I’d guarantee a whole lotta styling has gone into her ‘just woke up like this’ soft straight-waves style.  Jewellery-wise, she’s gone for high sparkle stud earrings which go great with the chilled vibe of the outfit, whilst still looking super pretty; don’t underestimate the effect of some really sparkly stud earrings, it seems like a silly point but it’s an easy and effective upgrade to any outfit and can cost next to nothing.  I love the statement metallic cuff on her wrist, as well as her pop-of-colour manicure.  The colourful pieces work nicely against the neutral background of a white tee and jeans, as well as natural hair and make-up that don’t compete for attention.  I love the stacked rings too.

She’s got a full face of extremely skilfully applied natural make up here, with a slight cat-eye eyeliner look.  Her skin looks glossy and perfect here, it looks just moisturised but she could also be wearing a subtle shimmer body lotion, something like Prty Peaushun.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.24.01 PM

She’s chosen an extremely flattering tee-shirt here, with a scoop/v-neck, slouchy dropped shoulder-line, laid-back rolled sleeves and I love how she’s knotted the front to make it a bit cropped.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.16.31 PM

She’s gone for mid-rise ripped skinny jeans in a mid-wash blue, and they look incredible. I normally shy away from lighter jeans shades as I find them less flattering than mid to darker shades, but she’s making me want to try a lighter coloured pair again xD

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.16.11 PM

You’ll see in the photo below she’s gone for some low-heels in the form of heeled sneakers and lastly has slung a football tee round her waist which covers her butt – a great trick if you want to wear skinny jeans but feel a bit over-exposed.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.16.03 PM

She’s definitely one to watch, Fanny Neguesha, as she has millions of little tricks like the above to turn all her outfits into masterpieces without you realising why or how she looks so good.  She achieves the ideal which is that everyone looks at her and just sees an incredibly attractive woman, without paying attention to the numerous details that contribute.  Bravo.

OOTD: Beige casual chinos for summer

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These photos were taken indoors on a dark evening so the lighting was awful to start with.  I’ve brightened them as much as I can in photoshop but lost a lot of quality on the way – but let’s just pretend they’re ok and carry on as friends would 😛

One day I promise I’ll invest in a good camera, tripod and lighting but that day is not today sadly xD.

ANYWAY I need to get on with the post!  I really enjoyed chilling in this outfit.  The gorgeous super comfy cotton trousers are from Quiksilver years ago (now Roxy clothing I believe).  I bought them after seeing this awesome promotional photo of a girl sitting in the side door of a VW camper van, with her grey t-shirt and beige chinos, ankles rolled up and some sweet Converse sneakers on.  It all looked so chill and cool that I totally bought into it.

Here’s me in my house.  Working on the VW camper van for now.  I’m sure I’ll get there….eventually….xD

Brightened pic 2

I paired the chinos with a boxy cropped t-shirt from K-mart NZ.  Similar chinos are available here by the way.  The garments are all boxy and straight which adds to the slightly masculine outline and chilled vibe of this combo.  The reason it probably works is that the shoulder-widening cap sleeves balance the hips nicely, the scoop neck of the tee shows a slim neckline.  The skin on show – arms, lower waistline and ankles, give the eye three narrow points of reference that make it obvious that there’s a slimmer figure beneath.  That’s why I chose a crop for this outfit – it worked better than a boxy full-length tee would.

Brightened pic 1Brightened pic 3

I love the low-slung waistline of the chinos and the loose but not-too-loose fit.  I added a small heel (from my Wearable Heels haul) of about 1.5 inches to lengthen and slim the leg and ankle, and it really helped to have the straps in a lovely nude colour to achieve this (plus it went with the beige chinos really well).Brightened pic 4

Speak to you soon xx

Quick OOTD: Floral wide-leg trousers and white blouse



I paired the trousers from this set on Boohoo with my white stretch/fitted blouse from Pepperberry  (bought a year ago) and my huge tan platform heels as below (they go with everything – I’ve had so much wear out of them, from originally a couple of years ago).

Thought I’d take a super quick snap to share with you and I’ll add more photos from that day soon (mirror selfies so you can see what the full outfit looked like).

These trousers are long for me, and I had to pin them to fit my waist (they were a size 8 and my waist is currently 24.5 inches) but I love the idea of them for summer, easy to wear for pottering round the shops, dining out on summer nights paired with some huge platform wedges, and if you’re me, they’re work-worthy too 🙂

These came with a matching top from Boohoo but I don’t recommend the top for over a B-cup bust as there’s not a lot of fabric.  Unlike most of the things I buy from Boohoo which are in stretchy fabric that accommodates curves, this set however is woven fabric, so unfortunately it’s a bit more hit and miss if it will fit or not.  The set is extremely summery and pretty however, and currently on sale for only $13 NZD, so some of you may find it works perfectly for them.  I will say the trousers have a really nice small waist to hip ratio too, it’s just that the size 8 is probably better for a 25-26 inch waist, but the hips were comfortable/slightly loose on my 34.5 inch hips – with this cut of garment, you don’t need to have them tight so it looked fine as far as I can tell.  But my point is an hourglass gal with the usual ’10 inch difference between waist and hips’ will do well with the waist:hip ratio of these trousers.  One thing I really really like about Boohoo is that you can fairly easily find clothes that fit a small waist, and that is really rare.  It’s a bonus they sell clothes so cheaply given the fit and stretchiness of the clothes tends to play to our figures very well.

The Pepperberry blouse is comfortable and stretchy, the shaping fits pretty well – I think I got this in a 8RC ‘really curvy’ according to their sizing system.  Even the darting and extra accommodation for the curves doesn’t stop it puckering a little bit at the buttons unfortunately as you can see on the picture, but in real life it’s not very obvious and there isn’t any gaping.  I probably just need to iron it better.  Overall, I’m really pleased I bought it and pleased to have a form-fitting classic white blouse to pop under high waisted skirts and trousers for summer.  A great layering piece, too, for preppy looks under cardigans and belted with a skinny belt.  I’d recommend it.

Edit: Here’s a full length photo as promised, it was a bit dark so I had to brighten it in photoshop but you get the idea.


Quick post: OOTD wearing my new heels from mini-haul

Outfit of the day


Hello lovely ones, just a quick OOTD pic (from my porch today – yay new camera angle!).  I promised a few pics with outfits I’d put together wearing my new low heels from the recent mini-haul post, and here’s the first one.

This is my work outfit from today, with my faithful skinny jeans, and the navy glittery sandals as below:

I paired these with a navy strappy camisole from Glassons (similar in black here), which is a really silky-feeling, versatile piece with added interest at the neckline (it’s not as low as it looks in the pic, but a bit too much cleavage is the downfall of taking pictures from such an acute angle).  You can’t see it here, but I’ve tucked the cami into my jeans, with a chunky tan leather belt to add a pop of contrasting colour (that incidentally matches my current hair-colour, but, yeno…;P) (full disclosure: ok I also matched my eyeshadow to the hair and belt today, with a nice rust-coloured smokey eye, because I’M THAT PERSON OK?  That pedantic person that takes intense delight out of things matching and co-ordinating xD. Time and therapy is sure to sort it out, don’t worry).

Last of all, I’ve popped a navy v-neck knit cardigan from Glassons over the cami, and for jewellery I had some studs in my ears, and my staple silver chains round my neck.

Hopefully I’ll get some outfits with the remaining two low heels (the tan sandals and the grey strappy ones (I’ve taken photos of the metallic flatform trainers already for another post – coming soon :P).

Have a great week xx

Hourglass casual outfits: Fanny Neguesha

Celebrity inspiration

Ok let’s get it out the way: life has ruined this perfectly normal women’s name for most of us (!) but when you’re this beautiful, I guess you can call yourself whatever you like ha!

Fanny is a french-speaking model and actress living in Europe, and she’s got the perfect hourglass figure.  She’s great inspiration for casual hourglass outfits because on dressed-down days, she has a cool street vibe, follows trends closely and has a really healthy couldn’t-care-less attitude about her body which I find confidence-inspiring.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.17.48 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.17.56 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.18.08 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.18.46 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.19.00 PM

Football babe outfit Inspo: Georgina Rodriguez

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Georgina Rodriguez is currently best known for being football player Ronaldo’s girlfriend and baby mama.  She’s a beautiful, 22 year old Spaniard who is now a mum to two baby twins.  I’m going to do a post on casual style inspo from Georgina as well as this post, but I really loved this casual outfit and think it could work well for an hourglass too.  It’s hard to tell from all the photos online if Georgina is an hourglass or not, but I think she has a pretty small waist and balanced upper and lower body proportions.

So that may give you a better idea of how well her outfits might work on you when looking at these inspiration pics.

Anyway!  Into the outfit: I just love this sporty outfit, it’s cute and summery and looks super-laid back…but there’s a lot of details she’s covered to make sure she looks incredible and laid back xD.  As is always the way with women who look amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.54.59 PM

Let’s start with the foundations laid for looking amazing wearing this outfit.  Her hair is blown-out and straightened to perfection – do you see a hair out of place (before Ronaldo’s arm messes the whole damn thing up)?  No.  No you don’t.


Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 6.21.37 PMShe has no-make-up make-up on with a very natural, light brown/taupe smokey-eye, mascara/eyeliner/subtle false-lashes (or lash extensions), perfectly manicured brows, foundation and a natural lip (Side note: recently discovered the Nivea Lip Care Fruity Shine in Peachy Shine – oh my life, this is such a good ‘no-makeup’ lip colour it’s my total favourite right now.  It has the sheerest coral-pink tint, which adds colour to your lips whilst remaining translucent.  It looks like you’ve just licked your lips (plus it smells yum too!).  I’ve come to think that translucent is the way forwards for all natural lip looks – Clinique did a range of sheer lippies a while back, called Pop Glaze I think, I’ve not tried them but they could be a good place to look if you like a higher-end sheer lippy.

Anyway, back to Georgina’s look 😀

She’s got a really pretty natural looking manicure here.  Also a great tan which may be natural or a spray tan.  Also her skin looks well moisturised and in great condition (incidentally so does Ronaldo’s, but that’s a whole other post: ‘how to look more manicured than most women, featuring Ronaldo’).

Also note her cute, minimal stud earrings and necklace, plus surfy bracelets round her wrist.  I think a set of surfy armbands/bracelets are an easy outfit upgrade for a casual outfit, which make a difference to the overall look without trying too hard.
Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.55.14 PM

Ok, so foundations aside, there’s several things about this outfit that I think make it really flattering.  One is the neckline and fit of her t-shirt – it follows the line of her body without being tight-fitting (but tight-fitting would also work with this outfit, especially for emphasising the waist on an hourglass figure) and if you look at the picture below, you’ll see the neckline is a scooped v-neck.

She’s chosen some very sexy mid/high waist tiny denim shorts and tucked her t-shirt in, but what I feel makes the look a bit more wearable is the black top she’s tied round her waist, which covers the back of her thighs right down to her knees.  This is a great option for anyone with less than perfect thighs/back of legs (which is about all of us over the age of 12, even including Gwyneth Paltrow *shock horror*).

She’s snuck in a really wearable low-heeled boot which looks urban and cool, is fit for walking on a football pitch to celebrate your footballer-man’s successes, doesn’t look try-hard at all, but lengthens and therefore slims her legs.  I estimate the heel is two inches or less, and there may be a little platform effect on the front of the boot, but it all looks very ‘not-heels’ and chill if you didn’t look closely (similar here and here from Milanoo).  Every little bit of height helps when you’re showing so much leg.  I feel the ankle length boots might make my legs look a bit chunky, but Georgina doesn’t exactly have sparrow legs, she’s got good shapely legs with a little bit of flesh on them, so maybe I could try and make this look work in real life, we’ll see.  But I think Georgina has deceptively slim legs, it’s just that this outfit makes them look ‘medium’ rather than ‘thin’ because it would have that effect on the very thinnest legs anyway.

Anyway, more pics below for you to enjoy, hope you like this outfit post and tips on how to look incredible wearing a ‘oh this?  I just threw this on’ type of outfit xD.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.57.20 PM



Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.55.27 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.55.42 PM









Oversized jumper, Kim-K style

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After seeing how adorable Kim K looked with a cute oversized sweater in the pic below (yes from my Kim K hits and misses post recently, yes listed under misses – so sue me ok? :p).  No just kidding, it’s not flattering this outfit, but it’s damn cute.  And I wanted to see if I could try it too.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.07.07 PM

I loved the peachy pink shade of this Everlast sweater, and bought it from Kmart (I can’t find it online so it must’ve sold out).  I got a size 16 which is a few too big for me, to emulate the fit of the Kim K sweater above.  It’s that super fluffy-backed sweater fabric too so I’ve been in heavenly comfort all day in this.  I took these photos quickly on the day before house-clean day so apologies the house is not perfect, it’s just normal busy life *shrug*)


It’s a bit of an unusual thing for me, running about feeling this comfortable as I normally have something more constricting on – something which feels a bit more girly or smart, especially heels.  Don’t know how I’d feel if I was wearing this type of thing all the time as I don’t feel my best, but I can see why dressing comfy gets addictive haha!


I felt (and looked) like a kid again wearing this (you know the type of look where you think someone is young until they turn around and this saggy ol’ face frightens the crap out of you?  Yeah, like that haha!) (Actually I’m totally tangent-ing here, but I had that moment walking behind a beautiful slim woman with long blonde hair some years ago, head-to-toe in denim, with red shoes, she looked about 24 until she turned around and her face was SEVENTY.  No lie.  I was shocked but really that lady deserves a medal for having a figure that good in her seventies, and for cracking out the double denim and having no style constraints.  HI-FIVE that lady.  Anyway, digress-over).


I paired my baggy sweater with my skinny jeans from this post, my rose-gold sneakers from this post.  I did wear a bra that had a minimising effect under this outfit, because I didn’t want my top-half to look too bulky, and it seemed to work as I don’t think this sweater drew any attention to the chest area, nor added too much volume (well, not any more than I deliberately wanted!).

I think this type of outfit would look adorable on girls with narrow shoulders, more of a pear-shape I suppose, because it seems to be the width of your shoulders that dictates how dainty you can look in this oversized sweater.  Mine are not especially narrow, but I also noticed Kim K’s sweater has a more draped effect on her bone structure (as if the fabric is thinner), whereas my jumper is still thick and fluffy and stood out a bit more making me look wider.  Also, notice the neckline on Kim-K’s sweater – it’s a bit looser than my tight crew-neck one, and I think the scoop neckline is a touch more flattering.  I don’t think there’s any other particular features to pay attention to in order to make this look work, maybe apart from picking a colour that suits your skin (see my post on colours if you need more info).

So if you’re in the market for a big oversized sweater, hopefully these little details will help you choose a sweater that looks amazing but effortless like Kim K’s.  Oh and last little details – notice that Kim K has her hair very feminine, and her make-up and nails done, with some very glamourous oversized sunglasses?  These details keep the look feminine despite the masculine shape of the sweater hiding your curves.  I think this balance is key to pulling off slightly un-flattering looks – make more effort to have other features look flattering so you can get away with the less flattering feature.

Have a great week! ❤