A temporary goodbye


Hi there,

Just dropping you all a note to let you know the blog will be out of action for a time – possibly months, as I face new, exciting but time consuming challenges in my offline life.  I’ve had to give in and realise I can’t keep all the balls in the air at the same time, something has to drop, and I need to prioritise a couple of other projects at the moment.  Thank you for your ongoing support of the blog, I’ve loved posting my thoughts and wish I would’ve had more time to make it look more professional and get some good quality photos for you all.  Maybe once things settle back down, I’ll be able to do this as it’s an extremely enjoyable hobby for me.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and peaceful few months until we next connect.

Lucy x


Football babe outfit inspiration with Fanny Neguesha – look 3

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These photo’s are adorable not just because she looks phenomenal but because she has that knowing look we all do when all the eyes are on us haha!  You know the ‘just gonna pretend I’m casually looking into the middle distance’ *quick hair swoop over shoulder* haha.  I love it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.43.46 PM

I don’t exactly know what she’s wearing on her lower half, but I think it’s just patterned leggings, like yoga pants or something.  She’s knotted her football shirt to the side, and layered some amazing body jewellery over the top.  And as per the other posts about her, she’s paid the most attention to having perfect hair, make-up, nails and skin – it’s worth noting that straight hair seems to go particularly well with casual outfits because it looks youthful and laid-back (like we all didn’t spend four hours washing, blow-drying and straightening that hair!) and goes well with baseball caps and the like.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.43.54 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.45.34 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.45.41 PM

Quick OOTD: black co-ords for work

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Hey there!  Hope you are all having a great week ❤

Just some really quick shots of a simple outfit I wore for work today.  It’s all old items, the sort of thing any of us have in our wardrobes.   But it’s a very easy and classic combination and pretty flattering to an hourglass shape in my opinion.


The high waisted A-line skirt is what makes the outfit – it’s flattering to my short and not particularly skinny legs (the 3″ court shoes help also – an old Marks and Spencer floral patterned heel, not for sale any more but they do some super cute low-to-mid-heeled patterned shoes there with all sorts of stiletto or block heels).  Just to draw attention to another point – I’ve always felt that 3/4 length sleeves and trousers work on my figure, and this black shirt is no different.  I can’t work out if it seems to work because I’m petite in height, and the 3/4 length stops the garments overwhelming my limbs.  Or whether it’s a more general hourglass body principle, such as the way it balances with our short torso perhaps?  I don’t know, but there seems to be a visual balance provided somehow by the 3/4 sleeves.  It could be worth playing around with as a really subtle way to make your casual outfits look a bit better – push the sleeves of your cardie or sweater up to your elbows or forearms and see what you think – it always seems to work for me.


I was having a bit of a ‘fat legs’ week before I decided to go out in public with this outfit, as it’s where I carry most of my weight.  I’ve been looking at the prospect of covering them up all summer with a bit of regret, but this day I decided to try and make it work for my cute lil fat legs.  The wide hem of the A-line skirt really helps to visually slim down your legs, so this is a flattering option; I feel the length of this skirt, several inches above the knee, is also quite important – it seems to balance the rest of my outfit better than a shorter skirt would, and ends where my thighs are still a similar width to my calves.  But it’s short enough to look youthful and playful at the same time.

I was wearing some Marks and Spencer’s tights/pantyhose this day, ones with ‘support’ and 20 deniers and a relatively matte/natural tan finish.  These tights are fantastic and have lasted about 20 washes so far without getting holes in them.  Well worth the investment.  Just remember if you’re a bit self conscious of your legs, very natural looking tights are still an option in the summer, even under shorts, and the support ones hold wobbly legs in a bit tighter, almost like Spanx for your legs xD (also if you’re me and your legs swell, it helps with circulation).  I would recommend Aristoc 5-20 denier tights as some of the best on the market and extremely durable too.  But M&S has an excellent selection at cheaper prices.

Lastly, despite wanting what I can’t have (I want to wear ankle straps that cut me off at the ankle, and boots that come up to my ankle etc etc) I decided to go with the flattering ‘no-straps-at-the-ankle’ look and simply plumped for some cute mid-heel courts to lengthen my legs.  Sometimes I forget to just stick to the tried and tested, proven formulas for legs because I’m so focussed on wanting to be able to do what super-skinny legged girls can do (wear converse hi-tops with a mini skirt or whatever – I shudder at the thought of that on me….).  But the short skirt and court heels trick is probably always going to bring the best out in any girl’s legs.  So remember this as a trick with skirts or shorts over the summer.  It’s a bit higher maintenance than wearing flats, but if it gives us a little confidence boost, then it’s worth it.  Substitute stilettos for slingback peep-toe wedges for the warmer weather too.

Details pictures below:

  1. The button front of my shirt
  2. A close up of the green and navy smokey eye I paired with this simple look
  3. Another look at the make-up I wore – below these photos you can see the type of inspiration I was copying (with varying degrees of success xD).  The idea for me was to try echo the colours in my eyes with a cool yellow around the pupil and dark blue around the edges.  The middle of my corresponding makeup ended up looking goldy/green instead but I liked it either way and it got a few compliments.  Sadly the colours washed out quite a lot in the photos, but the professional make-up look below my photos is simply breathtaking, made more dramatic by the pale eye colour, and the eyeshadow beautifully echoing that.  Also my eyebrows are EXTREMELY jealous of the ones in the professional photo…think it’s time for me to drop $50 and get mine fixed up at Phoenix Salon again….

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 6.55.41 AM

That is a stunning outfit: Jean from ExtraPetite

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Extrapetite.com is one of my favourite blogs EVER and hugely successful.  I’ve followed the blog since about 2011 and have watched Jean develop her blog into a powerful brand, she works like a boss and ensures every look is deployed perfectly.  I sometimes look at her TINY thighs and think I shouldn’t really be on her site xD – the term extra-petite is for really small framed and short girls, but she creates THE most beautiful outfits in just my favourite style, so I keep turning up!

I love this look below SO much and think it would also work for a curvier body.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 6.28.16 PM

The neutral tones work incredibly well, creating an expensive-looking ensemble.  Here is a link to the original post on Extrapetite.com.

Quick OOTD: Floral wide-leg trousers and white blouse



I paired the trousers from this set on Boohoo with my white stretch/fitted blouse from Pepperberry  (bought a year ago) and my huge tan platform heels as below (they go with everything – I’ve had so much wear out of them, from Asos.com originally a couple of years ago).

Thought I’d take a super quick snap to share with you and I’ll add more photos from that day soon (mirror selfies so you can see what the full outfit looked like).

These trousers are long for me, and I had to pin them to fit my waist (they were a size 8 and my waist is currently 24.5 inches) but I love the idea of them for summer, easy to wear for pottering round the shops, dining out on summer nights paired with some huge platform wedges, and if you’re me, they’re work-worthy too 🙂

These came with a matching top from Boohoo but I don’t recommend the top for over a B-cup bust as there’s not a lot of fabric.  Unlike most of the things I buy from Boohoo which are in stretchy fabric that accommodates curves, this set however is woven fabric, so unfortunately it’s a bit more hit and miss if it will fit or not.  The set is extremely summery and pretty however, and currently on sale for only $13 NZD, so some of you may find it works perfectly for them.  I will say the trousers have a really nice small waist to hip ratio too, it’s just that the size 8 is probably better for a 25-26 inch waist, but the hips were comfortable/slightly loose on my 34.5 inch hips – with this cut of garment, you don’t need to have them tight so it looked fine as far as I can tell.  But my point is an hourglass gal with the usual ’10 inch difference between waist and hips’ will do well with the waist:hip ratio of these trousers.  One thing I really really like about Boohoo is that you can fairly easily find clothes that fit a small waist, and that is really rare.  It’s a bonus they sell clothes so cheaply given the fit and stretchiness of the clothes tends to play to our figures very well.

The Pepperberry blouse is comfortable and stretchy, the shaping fits pretty well – I think I got this in a 8RC ‘really curvy’ according to their sizing system.  Even the darting and extra accommodation for the curves doesn’t stop it puckering a little bit at the buttons unfortunately as you can see on the picture, but in real life it’s not very obvious and there isn’t any gaping.  I probably just need to iron it better.  Overall, I’m really pleased I bought it and pleased to have a form-fitting classic white blouse to pop under high waisted skirts and trousers for summer.  A great layering piece, too, for preppy looks under cardigans and belted with a skinny belt.  I’d recommend it.

Edit: Here’s a full length photo as promised, it was a bit dark so I had to brighten it in photoshop but you get the idea.


Mini wearable heels haul – updated


After trying many different outfits with flats, I just realised I feel and probably look better wearing heels.  And not wanting to be stumbling around with super uncomfortable or high heels, my best compromise is some low-mid height heels.  So with it being springtime here in New Zealand, I picked up a couple pairs of sweet and comfortable sandals, and flatform sneakers.  The shoes look a bit more middle aged than I used to buy – it used to be all pointed stilettos, but I’m enjoying the chunky heel trend going round at the moment and am taking advantage of it!

Pair number 1: navy suedette sparkly sandalsIMG_5126IMG_5128

These sandals (similar from Kmart here) have got the benefits of having minimal-coverage style straps, being in a gorgeous navy ‘suede-look’ fabric that looks more expensive despite being cheap, and a suuuuuper cute sparkly heel and strap feature.  The heel is chunky and low and the shoes overall are so comfortable I will go back to them again and again (as opposed to some of my fancier stilettos that I reach for less often).  I’ll pop these on under jeans, pop a blazer over a navy camisole and head to work.  Or wear them with a cute summer dress I recently bought which is strappy with a frilled v-neck, plus has off-shoulder frilly sleeve things, elastic waist, knee length and beautiful gentle lemon yellow with navy flowers on it.


Pair number 2: low nude minimal heels

IMG_5129The thought process behind these was firstly that I really like the minimal two-strap style, leaving plenty of foot on show.  The nude colour doesn’t have the dramatic cut-me-off-at-the-ankle effect because it blends in, so if you have thicker legs like me they’re quite flattering.  With the 1.5 inch heel height, these are low enough that they feel essentially flat and all-day-wear comfortable; in the summer, if I have shorts on and going to head to the beach or something, I don’t really want 4″ wedges to be honest because it can look ‘trying too hard’ or making the outfit too smart.  IMG_5130The bonus is with these sandals is, I get an extra 1.5 inches leg-lengthening effect whilst barely noticing it.  The other point with these is that I can barely imagine an outfit they wouldn’t go with (apart from sports wear maybe) – I know some of my favourite style icons like Kim Kardashian and Shirley Eniang (a Youtuber and blogger) wear nude minimal heels with practically everything and look amazing (theirs are stiletto and 4″ tall however, but mine are the summertime comfy version!).IMG_5131

Pair number 3: Rose-gold flatform sneakers

IMG_5134These are so cute – metallic rose-gold, comfy as anything, and with a fairly subtle 1 1/8 inch boost in height and leg length which I love.  I tried these on at home with a pair of black denim shorts, and although 1 and a bit inches is not much, I was pleased to feel a bit slimmer and longer looking, which is great for my short legs!  I feel this is an easy and comfortable way of sneaking a ‘low heel’ into your casual wear, and they look great with loads of things – shorts and skirts with a preppy look, or cropped skinny jeans.  I’ve included a few snaps of the type of look I’m thinking of below (photo’s not mine by the way).IMG_5136

Pair number 4: grey strappy suedette low heels

I forgot to include these shoes the first time I published this post, because I bought them a few weeks ago, and I’ve worn them at least once a week since I bought them.  You’ll have to excuse them being a bit stained as they very easily attract scuffs and dirt – I knew this when I bought them but I’m still sad as I don’t really know what to do once they’re proper dirty – ?shampoo them?  Who knows.  They were fairly cheap from Glassons so I don’t know how much they’ll withstand 😦


These have been surprisingly comfortable and look better on than in pictures.  I tuck my skinny leather jeans into the straps at the top (or kinda bunch up the jeans above the straps) and pair with bright red nail polish.  They’re 3″ heels but I can wear them all day without discomfort due to the chunky heel.  These can glam up any average casual outfit in a subtle way, and I often find it’s details like this that make the difference.  I recently bought matte grey nail polish from Glassons too, and of course the nails have matched the shoes on more than one occasion xD


Anyway that’s my mini shoe-haul – I’ll try create some looks with these low-heels so you can see how they work in real life, but I think I’ll be wearing these all summer.

Speak to you soon xx




Quick casual OOTD: Adidas leggings


Hi all, so sorry for the long time no posts – I’ll hopefully be back on it from now on for a good while.  A short while ago I ordered some classic Adidas leggings – I was just feeling it at the moment, I don’t know why.  But the theory was that those awesome stripes down the side should be leg slimming and lengthening, and add an interesting detail to just plain black leggings which I’m not a great fan of.  In reality, I don’t feel they were actually particularly slimming, but I liked the look anyway, and it’s a feminine way to basically slob around in sportswear!

IMG_1735 2

(oh I must say – my mirror is a mess I’m so sorry; hopefully you can still get the gist)

When they arrived I noticed they’re a good thick stretchy fabric which doesn’t lose its shape throughout the day.  I slipped them on and they bunched up at the ankles xD which was not how I saw it going in my head!  I’m 5’2-3 so if you’re my height and you mind, you may have to take them up.  I don’t really mind, to be honest – what do you think?  I paired these comfy leggings with a white square-necked tank top (old one, from Primark), and as I tend to do with leggings, I tie a thin jumper or checked shirt round my waist for more coverage.  I wore my pink Adidas Cloudform Ortholite trainers with this outfit and chucked on my shades and a polka-dot red backpack and out the door I went.


This outfit is great for anything from exploring the outdoors whilst avoiding looking too manly ha!  Also for running errands or going to college.  It’s pretty versatile from the fact it’s sporty but still reasonably decent for wearing round town.

I’ll be back soon! xx

That is one stunning outfit…


Screen Shot 2017-01-15 at 9.50.43 AM.pngUp for this weeks ‘that’s a stunning outfit’ post is Miss World 2006, Tatiana Kucharova from the Czech Republic.  Whilst her figure is a bit straighter than an hourglass (I think, judging from other photos of her), this combination would look stunning on an hourglass girl, and you could be out on the town, or sitting sipping wine at a trendy bar in an outfit like this, or even having dinner with the in-laws.

The cropped top adds an understated bit of ‘sexy’ to this outfit, and the muted colours work very well with her blonde hair/blue eyed colourings.  Pair with an epic tan and black pointed pumps and you’re good to go.

As an aside, isn’t her shade of blonde just the butteriest, most beautiful sunlit colour?  I may have to have words with my hairdresser……

Spotty trousers and cami OOTD


Hello all!  Today I’m bringing to you an outfit I recently bought from Glassons (an NZ store).  I have been enjoying playing with my proportions lately, trying to hint at high-waisted style but without looking like the woman on the left here.

Todays outfit is suitable for most workplaces, for going out shopping, or meeting the girls for some drinks after work.  It can be made smarter or more casual.  And the proportions appear to work, to my eye, so the outfit can be a useful template for anyone with similar proportions to mine.  Just switch up the colours and fabrics of the different components and you’ve got a bunch of ready-made work/casual outfits.img_2251

The camisole has some elegant strappy detailing at the front, and sits high enough on the chest to lengthen the torso, and prevent too much cleavage going on display.  The V-neckline at the back adds something pretty to the back view too.img_1185

The trousers are cropped (on people with longer legs than me xD) and mid-rise on most people.  I’ve added a patent black belt to make them look more dressed-up for work, but a pop of colour like a neon yellow skinny belt, or pillar-box red belt would look fab with this outfit.

I’ve added my CK heels to ensure the lower half proportions are balanced, given I’ve got cropped trousers on that can shorten the leg-line.  And I’d pair this look with a handbag that matches the shoes, like a matte leather/leatherette material.  img_8539img_7934_185

My tags are still on the back of my trousers xD and I have a normal bra on under this camisole – but if I was wearing it out and about, I’ll put an adhesive silicone bra on or some silicone nipple covers +/- boob tape to keep everything in place underneath.