Stripey jumpsuit = 1970’s time!

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I saw this on and just had to give it a go – how fun yet how risky, I thought to myself.  Chance of looking like Crusty the Clown in a Wham! video?  High.  Chance of looking 1970’s in a non-ironic way?  Also high.  Chance of having fun whilst all this is going on?  Well, I don’t know, at least a medium?


Sorry about my messy dusty mirror and, well, messy dusty whole house really.  I enjoy cleaning and living in a perfect looking house, but I enjoy reading and thinking even more dammit.  Anyway, I slipped this jumpsuit on when it arrived promptly from Boohoo, and thought to myself: actually, this is working for me…just about.


I wore this to work a while back actually, tried to pull off the look, with a mustard blazer over the top and some heels…but it looked a bit daft for a formal setting I think.

It certainly has a slightly clown-like tendencies, this outfit, maybe a bit of this goin’ on:

I think it was meant to be channelling a bit more Cheryl Cole like this:

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 9.18.48 PM.png


Anyway, I liked how the bodice is quite fitted in this jumpsuit, and the square neckline is flattering.  I think you could fit bra-straps under the straps of the jumpsuit, but the cut of the bodice makes cramming a bra under here a bit difficult unless you don’t mind it peeking out.  I think an adhesive bra or nothing would work best – it’s quite fitted and supportive on the bust.  The bodice fits the waist beautifully, and I think that is part of the reason I think this outfit could work.  I’ve come to think it should only be worn as a stand-alone piece, and only for an  evening do, a la Cheryl Cole, maybe with just a clutch.


Here’s me showing you the wide trouser legs.  And below, the heels I paired it with.  I’m 5’2 and the heels are 3 inches, so you can see above the trouser legs bunch up just a little on the floor on me.  That should give you an indication of how the length will be on you if you buy it.


What do you think, is it wearable without looking too daft?!  Thanks for visiting and supporting the blog, I’ll be back again soon.  With love ❤


OOTD: dressy pink high waist trousers and chunky knit for autumn

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I thought I’d show you what I’ve been buying over the preceding months, what my style has been like and what’s been working for me.  I’ve not invested in much casual wear AT. ALL.  Which I’m ashamed to admit…but I occasionally lose interest in looking casual altogether because I tend not to look my best casual (haha still working on it, girls!  Why did I task myself with this blog?!!).  So yes, much of what I bought recently was smart stuff that I’ve been wearing to work and out for evening meals with friends etc.



I haven’t really curated these photos too much, but you get the idea of the outfit front and back hopefully.  I love this outfit, I bought the pleated pink wide leg, high waist trousers from Glassons about half a year ago and despite the light colour and very long length, I’ve got a good bit of wear out of them.  I love pairing them with high platform heels (in this photo I have some old tan platform shoes that I wear with everything, from Asos ages ago, as below:)


But back to the outfit, pairing the summery trousers with a knit and chunky scarf makes the look feel warm and wintery.  I chose an old burgundy thin-knit sweater rather than a chunky knit because the thin knit doesn’t add too much volume up top which is great, and the chunky knit of the scarf gives the impression of cosiness and warmth.

My inspiration was this outfit on Pinterest that I absolutely adore – the model has chosen the best colours for her hair and skin tone, and I love how colourful the overall effect is:

Screen Shot 2017-10-10 at 6.31.36 PM

Anyway here are some unfiltered shots – the filter brings out the warmth of the colours a bit more.  I’m afraid I’ve done these photo’s a bit quickly after work today, so apologies my hair is a bit fluffy and half my make-up has rubbed off through the day.  It doesn’t stop the outfit coming across however so hope it’s clear enough.


Autumn/Winter casual hourglass inspiration: Minka Kelly

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WHO ELSE BUT MINKA?!  I’m on a total roll with the beautiful Minka since discovering how much internet photoage there exists of her casual outfits.  Not sure if that’s just due to outfits from shows she acts in (and gets incidentally photographed in too) – but whatevs, if the casual outfits are the work of a stylist, all the better!

Anyway, the topic in hand today, my beautiful readers, is autumn and winter style inspiration.  So I’ve curated a little gallery of wintery outfits that I loved on Minka and felt she was really knocking the ball out of the park with these.  Of note, I think Minka is a bit of a template dresser – you’ll see if you google her that her summer outfits often feature tight black tank top with loose lower half clothing like trousers or long skirts; then there’s the jeans and grey t-shirt template which works well on her; and for winter, I think she has a few shapes she tends to follow.  Personally I’m beginning to think this is absolutely essential for an hourglass for her casual outfit wardrobe – stick to the shapes and styles that suit you, and just change up the colours, fabrics and accessories for variety.

Hope you really enjoy and get some awesome inspiration from these pictures*.  See you next time! ❤

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.33.17 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.34.30 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.32.31 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.32.44 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.38.58 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.38.44 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.36.13 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.34.50 PM

*I don’t claim any ownership of photos.


Cute nod to the 1950’s: hourglass style

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I adore this outfit and wear it all the time to work.  It manages to look put-together but is actually ridiculously practical – I don’t have to make sure my neckline is hoiked up, or my hemline is hoiked down, and I can (should I wish to :P) lunge, stretch and twist without being overly revealing.  There would be a problem if I tried to cartwheel but now I’m just thinking of exceptions to disprove my own initial assertions…why brain, why?  Anyway, back to Planet Earth.  I love this outfit, and I love the little nod to the 1950’s with the full skirt and retro-geometric print.  Incidentally, I noticed recently that Eva Mendes has been looking very 1950’s-esque with the designs for her clothing line – very put together and ladylike.  I’ll pop some example photos at the end of this post if I remember, but I’ve been loving the styling and photoshoots of her lately and finding a lot of inspiration for elegant put-together outfits which are my favourite.


Both pieces are by Louche London, and are both in size 8/XS.  With a skirt like this, the only fit that counts of course is the waist.  This size sits comfortably on my waist, with an inch or two to spare for after lunch poochiness.

IMG_4880 2

I tend to wear this outfit with some basic suedette courts from Marks and Spencer’s and a smart structured handbag.

These exact items I don’t think are on sale any more, but have a look at the other gorgeous vintage style offerings by Louche London here.  They appear to sell via Asos also.

And here’s some gorgeous lady-like fashion from Eva Mendes:

Wishing you love and happiness for whatever you have to face this week ❤


Minka Kelly: casual outfit hits and misses

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Okay first things first: we’re not interested in pulling down ANY woman’s appearance here.  Minka Kelly is absolutely stunning and could wear a black binliner and still be a total 10/10.  That being said, I’m going to scrutinise a handful of her casual outfits today and see what really worked well with her curves and what was less perfect for her figure.  It’s not easy to find ‘miss’ outfits as she’s one of those rare people who seem to have learned to work with what she’s got!

None of these photos are my property by the way, they are snaps off the internet.

Hit: black tank, jeans and Ugg boots

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.13.06 AM

I think this really works well on her.  I’ll break down why.  The black top has a scoop neckline that minimises her boobs and makes her upper body look relatively petite; the racer back cut of the straps look amazing against square mesomorph (=hourglass) shoulders.  The length of the top goes down to just on her hip which works because she has relatively long legs for her height, which is typical of many hourglasses; lastly, the top is loose but not voluminous so you can still see she has a narrow waist.  For the jeans, they are flattering due to the dark colour of the denim minimising volume in her legs, they’re tight so you can see her hourglass shape, and the butt pocket sits low which from behind will make your butt look minimised and lifted.  It always surprises me when cutting the leg off at a 3/4 length (like Minka has done here) work on an hourglass, as I’d assume we’d need to lengthen legs with heels, not shorten them.  But I often find this tucked-in-to-mid-shin-boots look works on me too.  Maybe it’s because as I mentioned above, we can often have proportionally long legs because our short waist condenses the torso area down compared to the legs.  Anyway, it’s totally working proportionally, and I have no idea where Ugg boots stand in the fashion world right now, but I have a feeling they’re one of those perennial items like Converse that will come out every winter, so I’m still wearing mine – they’re like heaven for feet.  Lastly, I like how she’s thrown a taupe leather jacket over this combo with the cool added touch of scrunched up sleeves.

Miss: Low slung boyfriend jeans and floaty top

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 5.55.15 PM.png

Okay, I really like the delicate jewellery, hair/make-up style, colours, nails and I LOVE the aviator shades, they really suit her face.  I think the white top and low jeans mess up the body proportions too much for me: we lose any sign of her waist (although I feel if the jeans were tight, we could get away with the cute white tank more easily).  I think if the jeans were full length instead of rolled up, or if the white tank was tight so at least the eye could figure out her legs are not super short and squat, this would’ve worked better.

Hit: baggy tie-dye trousers and fitted tank top 

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 12.12.18 AM

Whilst this look hails back to the days of All Saints when I was a kid, I still think it looks current and very laid-back-cool on Minka.  The deep scoop neck and delicate straps of the tank, plus the way it sticks to her waist is really flattering, as well as that magic ‘just to the hip’ length.  Her torso looks super petite here, and that stops the trousers making this outfit too widening.  I love the low-slung and loose-billowy effect of the trousers, the ankle tie is cool but would work well untied also.  Having volume on the lower half of an hourglass figure seems to work well as long as the waist is respected.  The cut of these trousers is not too ‘hareem’ style which means the legs aren’t shortened too much.  Can we just…..her nailsbagandtoesallmatch….love…. Anyway, this outfit would be fab for summer, and I’m always looking for this sort of thing because I don’t always like my legs on show, especially if they’re swollen and heavy in the heat.

Miss: tulip-skirt summer dress and Ugg boots

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 5.57.12 PM

With all the ‘misses’ I found on the web, I had a distinct feeling they only happened because Minka didn’t give a crap about looking awesome that day.  She’s like the Chuck Norris of casual hourglass style – she only looks 9.99/10 instead of 10/10 when she damn well chooses to.   Anyway, this dress takes me back to a tulip skirt I used to own, and it looked about the same on me – too voluminous around the hips and belly, and over-emphasising muscular legs instead of flattering them.  This skirt length is not wonderful for hourglasses for some reason, especially those of us with heavier legs.  The Ugg boots also cut the legs in yet another place (so, skirt cuts them above the knee, shortening the visual effect, and Uggs cut just above the ankle) so you just have a heavy-looking section of leg in the middle.  Other than that, the dainty straps of the top part of the dress and fitted waist are super cute.  And there’s nothing wrong with her legs, I actually love them, but she would’ve looked better with some dainty flip-flops or strappy flat sandals here, or even better with a wedge or chunky heeled sandal.  Love her hair here, and the dangly earrings.

There’s actually an abundance of awesome Minka Kelly inspo online if you just google ‘Minka Kelly casual’, but I might do a similar ‘Hits and Misses’ post with some other outfits of hers as I feel she’s such a good candidate for us to learn from.  Hope this is helpful for giving you some templates for flattering summery outfits! ❤

Hourglass celebrity inspiration: Minka Kelly

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Just a super quick post here about a lady I spotted a few weeks back who I thought I’d point out to you.  Minka Kelly is an American actress and looking at pictures of her I think she’s an hourglass, and if not, she’s a really good icon for casual (and dressy) outfits for a woman with lots of boobs and bum and chunky sexy legs going on.  She’s an absolutely stunning woman, and personally I love seeing how women like her dress their curvy bodies, and I love having the hourglass figure represented well in the media.  Having someone in the public eye who you can identify with figure-wise and be inspired by is important.

I haven’t had time to curate the most excellent outfits, but instead I’ve taken a sampling of the casual outfits I’ve seen her in online, and she seems to pull off most things, and we can learn from the occasional average outfit she wears.  But she has no ‘bad outfit’ setting – the worst you see her in is ‘mildly below 10/10’ xD.  Hope you enjoy this inspo post!

Well I love the green-trousers outfit so much, I wanted to take a closer look, so here’s some shots of that outfit 😀

Definitely a fan of that, even with the very loose, billowy top – the sheerness somehow makes it a bit more suitable for an hourglass.

I think I’ll have to do a Minka Kelly Outfit Hits and Misses soon, so we can learn from what works for her and what doesn’t work so well.

Speak to you all soon, have a great weekend!

Trying casual styles on in Cotton On, Part 1

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For those of you who live outside NZ, Cotton On is quite similar to The Gap, or H&M or New Look (UK).  A few months back I was there trying on some different styles as I tend to do, to see if any of the styles that I automatically write off would actually work with my figure.  I have a tendency to be quite conservative in my perceptions about new styles and shapes, and I assume some things will only work for less curvy girls, and not for me.  I’ve been wrong enough times now that I just give the new styles a try incase they happen to look ok; I mean, an hourglass figure has so many aspects to cater for that it can be quite difficult to predict what will actually work or not.  Sometimes, a garment will just sit right on the bust, or just nip in at the waist well enough that the whole outfit magically works when it really shouldn’t.  So for this reason, I’ve come to think that all the rules anyone makes about what you should and shouldn’t wear with an hourglass figure (myself 100% included) should be taken with a pinch of salt and should be a guideline rather than something that stops you experimenting.

Anyway without further ado I’ll get the photos in.  Now these are from so long ago, and I never posted them in time, so the items likely won’t be available from Cotton On still – but you’ll see this particular haul didn’t include any complicated or hard-to-find styles – similar things will be readily available on your local high street or online.

First outfit: Preppy autumn orange and denim

IMG_1602 2

I really loved this chunky woolly scarf when I saw it, and felt it paired with the sweater with the matching orange stripe in the scarf.  I was absolutely into winter brights last season, and will continue to be finding bright colours into our NZ spring and summer.  I absolutely love bright colours on a woman.


Excuse my funny facial expression here!  I paired the knits with Cotton On’s high waisted lift and shape skinny jeans.  These jeans are very comfortable and have kept their shape well over winter; the one problem I have is that the waist never stays tight enough for me when there’s elastane in the denim.  I feel like I need a belt in order to stop the jeans shimmying down towards my ankles throughout the day, but skinny jeans always have this effect on my legs, I put it down to my muscly calves.IMG_3520

I wore the jumper tucked in at the front to emphasise my waist, and untucked at the back for a casual feel.  I tended to pair this outfit with some beige brown suedette sock-boots, which have a 2.5 inch heel to lengthen my lower body proportions and this outfit makes your legs look long and great with heels.  I’ve also put this outfit on with some Converse trainers so it’s pretty flexible.

Second outfit: Star Wars ‘band t-shirt’ with high-waisted stretch skinny jeans

IMG_9053IMG_2691 2

The ‘being brave and trying new things’ aspect of this outfit was me tucking in the t-shirt and having full butt-on-show.  This is new and scary when you’ve seen too many butts look about a mile long and all the wrong shape in the wrong high-waist jeans. I expect all of you are used to this look since like 5 years ago and I know I’m slow to uptake, but I was working from the old rule of having tops that are tight fitting and come down to just above the hip.  I was quite pleased with how it turned out as I didn’t think it looked ridiculous.  Most importantly, the T-shirt has Darth Vader on.  I think we can end this post/blog/year now this has happened.  Ok I’ll force myself to continue, but it all feels a little superfluous after that….So I wore this outfit out to things like casual drinks with friends, winter concert, coffee shop trips.  And I paired it with a thin black choker and leather block-heeled boots and a tasselled suede cross-body bag.  A black biker jacket would be the right jacket for this look in colder weather too.

Third outfit: Pastel off-shoulder knit and same stretchy jeans

I wasn’t super keen on the pastels against my colourings, it was a bit ‘meh’ when I felt it should’ve suited me theoretically.  But I liked the off-shoulder cut of this jumper and the outfit looked curvy, casual and great with some tight jeans (same as in last two outfits).  This is one of those old-faithful go-to outfits for an hourglass when she wants to look casual but good – it’s on the dressier side of casual, but that’s probably why it works for us.


IMG_7533 2

Fifth outfit: Stones t-shirt and black wet-look (coated) jeans


Excuse the weird light reflecting on my hair; I think this outfit was okay, but didn’t make my heart sing.  I don’t know why, as it’s the same shape as the Darth Vader outfit, but maybe the light t-shirt adds more volume up-top?  Or the waist sits lower with these jeans?  Not sure.  But bottom line is I’m not enough of a Rolling Stones fan to feel very authentic wearing this, I just don’t know any songs beyond their most famous.  It’s such a cool slogan though.  The jeans I ended up buying, and have worn them non-stop – very comfortable and have some moto styling at the knees which looks cool.

I’ve got a few more outfits to go, so I’ll split this up into part 1 and 2 and be right back with part 2!


Gorgeous example of a casual hourglass outfit

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This photo is not mine but is published on Pinterest and I can’t find the original site it came from.  But I’d love to know who this beauty is because she can’t half put together a cute autumn hourglass outfit.  She looks like she may be a petite height with heels on under those long boot-cut jeans, which lengthens her proportions beautifully and balances the 3/4 visual block of the cardigan.  By the looks of things she’s chosen a fairly thin but not necessarily very ‘shaped’ cardigan that goes just to the hip or a couple inches below.  I don’t think the basic cardigan is super voluminous, like a cocoon shape or anything, but it’s probably a straight cut judging by the amount of fabric gathered by her belt – i.e., the type of cardigan that would make us look like a bit of a waistless chunk unless we belt it like this lady has done.  Couple of further details I like – the skinny belt means her short waist is not dominated by belt (a longer-bodied girl could cope with a wide belt); and secondly I like the subtle sexy touch given by the just-slightly-low v-neck.

I could see a few similar type of cardigans online this season, although it appears cardies are not a big thing this year (give it 5 minutes, they’ll be back!).  But J Crew had a cute cashmere offering as below for a more luxurious price of $248 USD:

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 8.42.48 PM

And my fave Boohoo has an alternative option (I swear pinky promise Brownie’s honour and definitely upon the Bible that I’m not at all sponsored by Boohoo, but I just buy so much from them lately due to my budget, the fit of their stretchy clothes being good for my curves, and the way they pick up on trends a bit more quickly than some of my fave NZ stores).  Anyway I’m-not-guilty rant over: the Boohoo version is as below, and comes to $22 GBP.  This cardie is a few inches longer than the one in our original inspo pic, but with a belt pulling it up a bit, I think the length and proportions would still be good.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 8.47.03 PM

As for the jeans, I’m getting to be a believer in investing in jeans, despite usually buying non-high-end clothing myself.  If I buy high-street denim, these days I follow the rule of buying the shaping/lift-and-shape/suck-it-in/built-with-industrial-strength-elastic-fabric denim offerings which sit much more nicely on the butt and thighs and seem to give a great silhouette.  But I’ve heard that 7 for all Mankind are good for curvy shapes.  Also NYDJ use elastane-rich fabrics for most of their jeans too which are cut to be especially flattering.  These days many brands offer good curvy options for jeans which cater to small waists and full hips and thighs, so you should be able to find something good with a little searching.  Next and Marks and Spencer’s in the UK do a very good shape and lift jeans cut.

Anyway, I found similar jeans to our inspo outfit below.

7 For All Mankind Kimmie Bootcut’s for $179 USD which was actually less than I was expecting.Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 8.52.18 PM

The NYDJ offering: The Billie Mini-Bootcut in long length (36 ins) (there are other lengths and colours).  I’ve not tried this style on, but the pairs of NYDJ jeans I have owned or tried on have all been extremely comfortable.  These are $134 USD.

Screen Shot 2017-10-07 at 9.07.32 PM

I’ll leave it there as there are a million more potential jeans options I could include.  Although the original inspo picture is probably quite old, I actually think the bootcut style could come off pretty current and is perpetually flattering for the hourglass figure.  Just make sure it sits tightly on the thighs as I shudder when I remember that old fashioned bootcut jean that everyone’s mum had 10 years ago (yes, after the rise of the craptabulous ‘mom jean’ I’m sure fashion will try to bring back the awful version of bootcut jeans too…screw you fashion…).

I’ll be back soon, have a great weekend ❤




Paisley skirt for seventies-esque style

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Hi all, thanks for bearing with me recently with the paucity of posts.  I’ve not had time to dedicate to blogging as much as I’d like to.  Hopefully in another month or two, I’ll be able to make more regular posts.

So here in the Southern Hemisphere we are entering Spring, and my outfits will likely reflect that.  I’m loving this beautiful paisley maxi skirt for its versatility and have worn it during the end of winter (with leggings underneath – I am actually becoming my mum!) and in sunnier weather as it’s so lightweight and easy to wear.  I bought it a couple of months ago from Boohoo – they are not selling the exact same one currently but below I’ve posted a few very similar, equally attractive maxi skirts.


This skirt was very long when I first bought it – I’m 5’2 and in this shoot I was wearing 5″ platforms (sorry not very ‘casual’ of me….must do better) but I’m not sure Boohoo uses pre-shrunk cloth, as it was about 5 inches shorter after its first wash (I didn’t tumble-dry).  You can iron it back out a little, maybe gaining 2-3 inches back again, but now I’m wearing it with flats so that suits summer a bit better anyway.

I’ve paired the skirt with a simple navy vest top to bring out the background colour of the skirt, and the skirt came with a co-ordinating tan fabric belt.  I’ve got an adhesive silicon bra on here which adds a bit too much projection, hence the very-slightly Dolly Parton look here :/

I winterized the look by adding a V-neck cardigan from Glassons, which would make this quite summery outfit suitable for cooler evenings, or colder seasons.  As I mentioned above, tights and boots, or leggings beneath the skirt are an easy way to add warmth too.  Oh, this is also probably the best time to acknowledge that my facial expression in the cardigan pics above is odd, but I managed to do that in all the shots with cardigans so….!

Here are some similar boho maxi skirts on sale from Boohoo currently:

Luella paisley ruffle hem maxi skirt

Sari mono paisley double split maxi skirt (this one is on sale – only $14 currently)

And I love these boho maxi dresses (turquoise with pretty detailing on the upper back, autumnal colours), both of which would be lovely for autumn with the sleeves, and perfect for the hourglass figure being nipped in at the waist.  I find Boohoo waistlines to be in the right place for all the items I’ve bought so far (anyone else have that problem commonly where everything that is meant to sit on the waist ends up in an unflattering empire-line position?!)

Oh, and this one is bound to flatter an hourglass figure, being fitted all the way down, and is quite wintery too for my Northern Hemisphere readers.  Don’t forget Spanx if you have too many lumps n bumps xD (and who doesn’t, being curve-shaped…my entire body is a lump or a bump!).

So, are you guys still loving the seventies trend?  Not sure when it’s going to end but as long as they keep selling it, I’ll keep buying it!  Wishing you all a great week, I’ll be back soon.


Two looks with Topshop trainers on an hourglass body

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Here’s a couple of ways I’ve been wearing my Topshop trainers lately.  These flat soled type of trainers are surprisingly easy to style with our type of body, even though I haven’t yet tried them in that typically Instagrammy style with an A-line midi skirt (see pic below).  I’m too scared to try – just thinking about my cute (body acceptance) but chunky (body realism) ankles and calves poking out the bottom of the skirt ha!  I’ll work up to it eventually.


Now I bought these trainers from Topshop in NZ a couple of weeks ago, but I can’t find them online now, so either they’ve been sold out, or we just get sent all the nine-seasons-ago stuff the rest of the world didn’t buy….option two is a veritable possibility in NZ, you should see what we have to work with over here :p  But currently online is an almost identical pair of trainers to mine, here, if you’re interested.  But I love these gold-tipped trainers too (Topshop again).

For outfit one, I’ve paired an old burgundy leopard print crew-neck sweater from The Warehouse, and some old black skinny jeans from Primark.  I tend to buy a size or two up in skinny jeans, just to house my thighs and calves – anyone else have to do that?  I will hopefully be testing out jeans meant for us curvy girlies eventually so I can report back to you whether they’re worth your investment.  For this look, I rolled up the ankles just a bit, but found that too much of a roll up is just emphasising a weak area for me, so I kept my roll up low and only showing the slimmest bony bits of my ankle.  My leather cap is from The Warehouse too, two seasons ago, but any black cap would work.


In look 2, I’m wearing a khaki stretch dress from Cotton On in NZ, bought a size up so I can also wear it to work without it looking too spray on.  I’m laughing at our blurred photo editing in the second pic – when preparing some of these pics for Instagram and Pinterest, me and my husband thought it would be *really good* to blur out the photo except for focusing on the footwear, that being the emphasis of the outfit.  And, er, now I’m just cringing!  Anyway I’ll leave you with outfit two, hope you enjoyed the quick ‘two ways to wear’post, and that you can use it to judge how well the trainers work with an hourglass body.