What my hair has been doing this year

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Because why treat your follicles with respect when you can dye them every colour of the rainbow?  That’s right, you couldn’t come up with a SINGLE reason, could you? xD This journey starts with long dark brown hair colour, and follows a progression to short, extensions, blonde, blonder, blue, faded-blue-lets-dye-it-something-else, blonde extensions again, red, curly, wavy and where it is today in the last pic.

I don’t often show work outfits on this blog but my last pic below was taken in work-wear with a cotton button-down blouse tucked into a paisley maxi skirt (the same one in this post) and a tan belt round the middle.  Oh and some dangly silver earrings.  Actually, come to think about it, the last seven of the photos below show part of my work outfits, so you’ll be able to see what colours and styles I’m going for as part of my work wardrobe.

You’ll see I take a lot of selfies in the last year or two – I’m a bit older than the selfie generation so find them a bit awkward still, but I take them for a specific reason.  In the absence of photos of myself looking nice with make-up on and hair done, I easily feel not-good-enough against the barrage of airbrushed images of stunningly beautiful women that I’m faced with every day as I browse Pinterest or read the paper or just walk down the street.  In the absence of nice photos of myself, my brain starts the comparison game with women who are 10s and when all I see is my face first thing in the morning, my self-esteem doesn’t have much of a chance against the 10’s.  But when I see myself in photos looking my best, I realise it’s not necessary to compete with 10’s – I can still look my best and be good with what I’ve got.  All of this is ultimately pointless vanity, but I find myself holding my head a bit higher and speaking a bit more confidently when I feel nice about myself, and that makes my work life and social life run more smoothly.

So I thought I’d share that slightly embarrassing fact with you and maybe if it’s right for you, inspire you to start your own little selfie record.  Take a little snap, especially on days you look extra special like at a friends wedding or just going out on a date; and when you are feeling spotty, bloated, greasy and unattractive, you can look back and remember what you look like made up and be gentle on yourself, remembering no-one can look great at all times.  And stop comparing un-made-up you with spend-four-hours-in-hair-and-make-up-before-being-airbrushed images of models and celebrities.  It will do wonders for your self esteem.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my little selfie album of my hairdos over the last year or two, and may my follicles RIP.


Work outfits details:

Photo 7: Boohoo pink floral midi dress, size 8, pretty much identical to this current offering.

Photo 8: Pepperberry/Bravissimo dress, size 8, no longer on sale but vaguely similar offering.  The size 8 was a little big in the general fit, sleeves, waist, shoulder, even though the bust was spacious enough.

Photo 9: Old khaki button-down blouse in polyester from Primark, size 10, knotted at waist, over Boohoo pink floral midi dress as above.  Nude court shoes.

Photo 10: Red floral un-preshrunk cotton dress, (sold out, this dress looks nothing like it but I also bought this) faux wrap style with waist tie, just above knee.  Wore a Burgundy cami beneath and Burgundy boyfriend cardi (old from New Look) on top.  Wore with beige sock boots.

Photo 11: The Danielle floral kimono-sleeve dress from Boohoo in size 8 – snug around the hips but a beautiful dress.  Wore with nude heels.

Photo 12: Boohoo grey wrap-top chiffon blouse (bodysuit) size 8; similar version but without bodysuit fastening – the grey shade will be the same most likely.  Great for tucking into high waist pencil skirt or jeans.

Photo 13: described above.