How to spot clothes that suit an hourglass when online shopping

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When you are flicking through online catalogs of clothing stores, or shoe stores, take notice of the outfits that look ‘off’ on the model’s figures.  By off, I mean like they’re wearing their mum’s clothing, or like their legs or ankles look too skinny, or like their waist looks too boxy.  And this is assuming the model has the typical straight/masculine figure with fantastic skinny legs.  If the outfit looks off on them, it could look FANTASTIC on an hourglass.

Don’t get lured into buying outfits that look INCREDIBLE on the model’s figure, because she is likely the direct opposite figure to you.  What flatters her best are things that play down her waist area and place the focus firmly on her legs.  When an outfit obliterates the waist (eg, roomy dropped hem tops) the eye tracks from the shoulders to the hips.  In a straight figured, or ectomorph body shape (see pic below) the hips are a narrow area so the model still looks slim – sometimes slimmer than in waist-emphasising outfits.  The mesomorph, hourglass shape has it’s widest points at shoulders and hips, therefore obliterating the waist tends to add a few pounds for us.  It’s helpful for an hourglass woman to know that most models are an ectomorph body type – see next three pics – so that you take that into account when looking for outfit inspo.


(Above: the straight figures of supermodels Cameron Diaz and Gisele Bundchen – and although I’m using their figures to illustrate the contrast to hourglass figures, let’s just state right here that no woman’s body gets put down here: these women earn millions for their bodies, where as most of us aren’t so…Whilst I prefer curves, there is absolutely no shade on these completely stunning women.  Straight-waisted women tend to have amazing legs too).

I’ll briefly use the gorgeous Cameron Diaz as an illustration – she is a classic straight-figured ectomorph with *literally* show-stopping legs.  The type of legs I pray to God every night to have.  But God wants me to develop my character so I wake up with the legs of a height-impaired wrestler each day.  Pahah!  Anyway….(back to WWF for me)

Here is an outfit that looks amazing and casual and awesome on former-model, Cameron.  This is exactly the type of outfit my casual-wear loving eye is immediately drawn to.  I will buy this whole outfit in a second, and later wonder why it makes me look a bit blah.  Here we go:


I just love this on her.  She is comfortable, laid-back, elegant and looks tall and slim.  It must be because she’s a model and is blessed by God?

But look at this outfit:


If you’re an hourglass reading this, you’re probably thinking there is no way that dress would look bad on you (and that’s likely completely true).  But it looks as if this supermodel has borrowed her mom’s dress.  It looks boring.   How about these ones:

Now, I know I’m having to resort to smart clothing to demonstrate my point (because Cameron knows how to flatter her figure in casual wear, plus her figure lends itself more to casual) but still, the smart dresses look either boring or like her mom’s clothes on her.

But look at these – here she’s back on top form and I want to buy the same outfits again (and will conversely look boring and frumpy in them unlike her xD)

The key difference in these outfits seem to be emphasis (or de-emphasis) on waist and legs.  Cameron still looks slim and streamlined when her waist is disguised by her outfits.  But she doesn’t look so slim when her waist is on show, because there’s no longer an illusion that she has a slim waist hiding under the clothes.

So my tip is to use this idea to shop for hourglass friendly clothes online.  When you see a gorgeous ectomorph model look ‘off’ in an outfit, study what it is about the outfit that looks off.  It could always be the poor design of the clothes.  But more often than not, it’s an A-line skirt, or a waisty dress that would likely look fantastic on a woman who has the curves to fill it out.

Here are some examples, all from the Boohoo skirt section.



Obviously a gorgeous woman, but looks like she’s wearing her big sister’s skirt here, with gangly adolescent legs poking out the bottom of this A-line cord skirt.  The line from her waist to her thighs looks like the straight edge of a square.






By contrast, the hourglass woman below has thicker thighs poking out the bottom of her A-line skirt, and looks proportional and pretty with her tiny waist for contrast.






Comparing the two beautiful women wearing the left and right outfits (although I simply prefer the styles on the right anyway, with feminine styling – just to highlight a confounding factor in this example) the straight-figured model on the left looks broad across her waist, and this outfit only emphasises that her chest, waist and hips are a similar width.  Whereas on the right, the fact that the similar outfit emphasises her waist is a benefit because the narrow waist contrasts attractively with bigger chest and hips.

Last example from Boohoo:


Two slightly different dresses, but the the hip, waist and leg area on the left model make me think of a gangly junior, versus the full-bodied womanly curves on the right.

The converse is true – when you see an ectomorphic model look amazing in a certain outfit, it is more likely that we hourglasses cannot join in this party*

*and look anywhere near as good.

See the below examples from HoneyBum:

The model on the left has to stick her bum out to emphasise her small/straight curves, but she looks slim, casual and awesome in this jogger and crop set.  On the right, despite the model having a great figure, she looks heavy, chunky and drab to me.

Last example for today:


I want to immediately buy the outfit on the right, because she looks fantastic.  But I’ll end up looking heavy-legged in those joggers, like the model on the left.  Incidentally though, I love that white strappy crop on the model on the left…!  These two photos are from Honeybum as well.

Hope that all makes sense and helps you to browse more effectively online!

Love me xx


A good biker jacket for the hourglass figure

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Hi everyone, I’m popping back for a quick post or two tonight as I’m missing posting on here!  How are you all?  Thanks for your ongoing support and views of the blog despite my absence.  I’m wishing I had time enough to do this justice, writing regular useful articles with quality photos, but in my current season of life I’ve got a lot going on.

Anyway, have you ever felt as a curvy-figured girl that your biker jacket looks a smidgen clunky and a bit visually overpowering?  It can just be the slightest effect, meaning you still wear it, but it’s not ‘perfect’.  I mean something a little like the below pic:


For a lot of people, this look is absolutely fine, and they see nothing wrong with it.  For me personally, having proportions similar to this lady, I feel the cross-over zip area and the waist area just looks ‘too much’.

Well I think I’ve figured out why the proportions look a bit off.  I think it’s because the proportions are thrown off by the awkward length of the jacket, and secondly because the thick fabric doesn’t meld around multiple soft curves as well as it sits on a straight, masculine figure.  I mean, I guess leather is a masculine material in some senses due to it’s toughness etc.

I think I’ve figured out the answer.  Cropped biker jackets exist for women like us!  The proportions suit a short waist much much better because the jacket is so short; and to ensure the torso doesn’t look too short now you’ve chopped the length off your jacket, you can zip it up to your neck, or add a scarf or crew neck shirt, or lengthen the torso by having a hip length t-shirt or sweater underneath.  The overall effect is that instead of dominating our small upper bodies, and having to go out (boobs), in (waist) and out again (hips) in a clunky fashion with thick leather, the cropped jacket only has to cope with boobs and waist and has the additional benefit of minimizing our upper half and making us look tiny.  Also it takes advantage of the tiny waist on an hourglass.

I’ve recently had the fortune to stumble across a vegan leather cropped biker jacket in Glassons (NZ) that fit like a glove.  I’ve never known a jacket to cope with my shoulders, boobs and waist all in one go, but this one did somehow.  The fake leather is very soft and giving too with a little stretch, so I think that helps; if you are going to get a cropped biker jacket either make it flexible fake leather, or make it butter-soft expensive leather.

Here is the jacket (I haven’t gotten round to photographing myself in it yet – I’ll try sort that out soon).


It’s a very simple design, which I think is good for minimizing the visually dominating effect on a small torso.  But what is remarkable about this jacket is that it can cope with a 35 inch bust down to a 24.5 inch waist, all in one garment.  It actually zips up across my boobs!  And it copes with my mesomorph shoulders (a type of body/muscle structure that many athletic and hourglass women tend to have – feel free to google if you want good information about diet/work-outs for keeping the mesomorph body slim…actually I may do a blog post about it soon come to think of it).  So I can highly recommend this jacket if you need to accommodate boobs.  I got a size 6, where I’m usually size 8 really, so maybe down-size one size.  The jacket is $79.99 NZD, and ships internationally.

Below is one super cute example of a cropped biker jacket look that is very feminine.


Thanks and see you soon ❤

OOTD: Beige casual chinos for summer

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These photos were taken indoors on a dark evening so the lighting was awful to start with.  I’ve brightened them as much as I can in photoshop but lost a lot of quality on the way – but let’s just pretend they’re ok and carry on as friends would 😛

One day I promise I’ll invest in a good camera, tripod and lighting but that day is not today sadly xD.

ANYWAY I need to get on with the post!  I really enjoyed chilling in this outfit.  The gorgeous super comfy cotton trousers are from Quiksilver years ago (now Roxy clothing I believe).  I bought them after seeing this awesome promotional photo of a girl sitting in the side door of a VW camper van, with her grey t-shirt and beige chinos, ankles rolled up and some sweet Converse sneakers on.  It all looked so chill and cool that I totally bought into it.

Here’s me in my house.  Working on the VW camper van for now.  I’m sure I’ll get there….eventually….xD

Brightened pic 2

I paired the chinos with a boxy cropped t-shirt from K-mart NZ.  Similar chinos are available here by the way.  The garments are all boxy and straight which adds to the slightly masculine outline and chilled vibe of this combo.  The reason it probably works is that the shoulder-widening cap sleeves balance the hips nicely, the scoop neck of the tee shows a slim neckline.  The skin on show – arms, lower waistline and ankles, give the eye three narrow points of reference that make it obvious that there’s a slimmer figure beneath.  That’s why I chose a crop for this outfit – it worked better than a boxy full-length tee would.

Brightened pic 1Brightened pic 3

I love the low-slung waistline of the chinos and the loose but not-too-loose fit.  I added a small heel (from my Wearable Heels haul) of about 1.5 inches to lengthen and slim the leg and ankle, and it really helped to have the straps in a lovely nude colour to achieve this (plus it went with the beige chinos really well).Brightened pic 4

Speak to you soon xx

Football babe outfit Inspo: Georgina Rodriguez

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Georgina Rodriguez is currently best known for being football player Ronaldo’s girlfriend and baby mama.  She’s a beautiful, 22 year old Spaniard who is now a mum to two baby twins.  I’m going to do a post on casual style inspo from Georgina as well as this post, but I really loved this casual outfit and think it could work well for an hourglass too.  It’s hard to tell from all the photos online if Georgina is an hourglass or not, but I think she has a pretty small waist and balanced upper and lower body proportions.

So that may give you a better idea of how well her outfits might work on you when looking at these inspiration pics.

Anyway!  Into the outfit: I just love this sporty outfit, it’s cute and summery and looks super-laid back…but there’s a lot of details she’s covered to make sure she looks incredible and laid back xD.  As is always the way with women who look amazing.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.54.59 PM

Let’s start with the foundations laid for looking amazing wearing this outfit.  Her hair is blown-out and straightened to perfection – do you see a hair out of place (before Ronaldo’s arm messes the whole damn thing up)?  No.  No you don’t.


Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 6.21.37 PMShe has no-make-up make-up on with a very natural, light brown/taupe smokey-eye, mascara/eyeliner/subtle false-lashes (or lash extensions), perfectly manicured brows, foundation and a natural lip (Side note: recently discovered the Nivea Lip Care Fruity Shine in Peachy Shine – oh my life, this is such a good ‘no-makeup’ lip colour it’s my total favourite right now.  It has the sheerest coral-pink tint, which adds colour to your lips whilst remaining translucent.  It looks like you’ve just licked your lips (plus it smells yum too!).  I’ve come to think that translucent is the way forwards for all natural lip looks – Clinique did a range of sheer lippies a while back, called Pop Glaze I think, I’ve not tried them but they could be a good place to look if you like a higher-end sheer lippy.

Anyway, back to Georgina’s look 😀

She’s got a really pretty natural looking manicure here.  Also a great tan which may be natural or a spray tan.  Also her skin looks well moisturised and in great condition (incidentally so does Ronaldo’s, but that’s a whole other post: ‘how to look more manicured than most women, featuring Ronaldo’).

Also note her cute, minimal stud earrings and necklace, plus surfy bracelets round her wrist.  I think a set of surfy armbands/bracelets are an easy outfit upgrade for a casual outfit, which make a difference to the overall look without trying too hard.
Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.55.14 PM

Ok, so foundations aside, there’s several things about this outfit that I think make it really flattering.  One is the neckline and fit of her t-shirt – it follows the line of her body without being tight-fitting (but tight-fitting would also work with this outfit, especially for emphasising the waist on an hourglass figure) and if you look at the picture below, you’ll see the neckline is a scooped v-neck.

She’s chosen some very sexy mid/high waist tiny denim shorts and tucked her t-shirt in, but what I feel makes the look a bit more wearable is the black top she’s tied round her waist, which covers the back of her thighs right down to her knees.  This is a great option for anyone with less than perfect thighs/back of legs (which is about all of us over the age of 12, even including Gwyneth Paltrow *shock horror*).

She’s snuck in a really wearable low-heeled boot which looks urban and cool, is fit for walking on a football pitch to celebrate your footballer-man’s successes, doesn’t look try-hard at all, but lengthens and therefore slims her legs.  I estimate the heel is two inches or less, and there may be a little platform effect on the front of the boot, but it all looks very ‘not-heels’ and chill if you didn’t look closely (similar here and here from Milanoo).  Every little bit of height helps when you’re showing so much leg.  I feel the ankle length boots might make my legs look a bit chunky, but Georgina doesn’t exactly have sparrow legs, she’s got good shapely legs with a little bit of flesh on them, so maybe I could try and make this look work in real life, we’ll see.  But I think Georgina has deceptively slim legs, it’s just that this outfit makes them look ‘medium’ rather than ‘thin’ because it would have that effect on the very thinnest legs anyway.

Anyway, more pics below for you to enjoy, hope you like this outfit post and tips on how to look incredible wearing a ‘oh this?  I just threw this on’ type of outfit xD.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.57.20 PM



Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.55.27 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-04 at 5.55.42 PM









Kim Kardashian casual hourglass outfits 2017

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Hi there!  Thanks for popping back to join me for some hourglass inspiration.  This is a follow-up to the recent post I did on Kim Kardashian Hits and Misses; in this post is just a bunch of outfits that I really found flattering on her, whether they ought to be or not.  They worked for me anyway – see what you think xD. There are unfortunately a couple of sheer tops here but I honestly feel it adds nothing to the outfit, and the look could’ve been just as good if not better without showing off the nips.  But I’m sounding like a grandpa now.  Let’s stop ranting and look at Kim’s awesome outfits from this year!

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.11.40 PM

Khaki shorts outfit: if you showed me these jean shorts on a hanger, I’d have a seizure trying to picture how bad they would look on an hourglass shape.  So much everyones-mum-in-the-eighties imagery going on…

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 7.59.04 PM

But I think KK is pulling this off due to the tight top, and length/slightly A-line cut of the jean shorts, and the presence of some awesome heels.  Hmm.  I’m not sure I’d go there myself, but she’s doing ok with this….*shrug*

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.07.46 PM

Bustier and tailored trousers look above – what’s not to like?  It’s elegant, everything is tailored to perfection to her body, the fabric on the trousers looks like it drapes like nobodies business.  An hourglass always tends to suit a bustier/corset style top (although most women also do, not sure it’s an hourglass thing per se) but we stand to benefit the most due to small waists, tight fitting top plus or minus big boobs.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.05.22 PM

I really like this simple stretchy dress – the colour is perfect against her dark hair and tan; the square neckline is flattering, and the tight fit of everything just serves to enhance her beautiful figure.  Of note, I think she has control wear under this dress, there’s a little indent on the thigh which suggests this to me, so don’t be afraid to invest  and wear control underwear even on casual days.

Joggers and white tank top; I really like this look on her – I mean, the grey marl sweatpants don’t exactly minimise the butt and hips, but the tight tank top seems to allow for the sins of the sweatpants quite easily.  I’m definitely going to try this look out – the comfiness of the joggers is calling to my soul.  These photos were taken on two different days with (I think) two different joggers and sneakers (the right hand joggers (sweatpants) have a tie-cord and the shoes are flat soled).  I think I prefer the right side look overall, which may be down to the slightly different details, or may just be the angle of the photos.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.03.23 PM

Swimsuit and jeans look above: an easy, comfy outfit that looks great.  The square, low cut neckline is extremely flattering and I like the optical illusion the colour blocked sides of the swimsuit provide, making her waist look even smaller.  Her jeans are mid-rise which leaves plenty of room for her torso in this outfit.  Perfect proportions.

Purple outfit above: sorry about the nips in this photo, but the outfit is just amaaaaaazing!  I love the toning colours, the tight fitting high neck top is somehow working (actually, it may be working better because the sheerness adds some ‘features’ to the upper body rather than being a high-necked elongated bulky blob).  Personally I feel a half sheer sweetheart neck top would have the same effect (sheer over the neckline, opaque over the boobs).  Anyway, the high waist trousers tucked into high boots is really working – I think what’s happened is that her proportions have remained in balance, but just shifted up.  The high neckline, the high waist, the high ankle-line.  But I really like the way she’s tucked in her trousers.  The puffa jacket is meh to me, but in this picture I must admit it looks pretty damn cool.

Ok that’s all for now, hope you enjoyed analysing why Kim’s casual outfits are working so well on her figure, and that you can apply this to your own wardrobe!  Have a great week ❤

Leather dress in chartreuse

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Ok this is another of my recent series of OOTDs which show you what I’ve been wearing lately; the outfits have been admittedly more ‘smart hourglass’ than casual.  I’ll get back to my remit soon, I promise.  Maybe I’ll try arrange some hauls of certain casual brands and see how well their clothes fit on a curvy frame.

Anyway, back to todays outfit: this was from over a year ago, and I’ve gotten a few wears out of it.  Milanoo is a cheap and cheerful website, I think they ship from China, it is legit but I do find the quality is variable, usually cheap quality.  They sell everything, including clothes and shoes.  If you ever want a fancy dress outfit or dress up wig, this is absolutely the place to go!  However I saw this dress in the women’s clothing pages and wanted to try it as I loved the idea and the styling on the model, and it turned out it’s really nice quality PU leather – most people think the dress is real leather close-up and I’d be hard pressed to tell the difference myself.  I’m not sure how well that comes across in the photos however.


So this is a size large, as it’s in super petite Asian sizing.  I’m normally a size 8 in UK/NZ sizes.  It is fully lined, and zips up at the back.  It’s extremely comfortable and warm.  You will see that the waistline is pulled upwards by the fact that it’s not designed for a full bust, but a waist tie is provided and I feel like this enables me to compensate for the altered waistline.


I tend to pair the round neckline with a fluffy scarf as it adds to the slightly 1940’s feel of the outfit, and matches my skintone more easily than chartreuse which I find a bit hard to pull off right next to my face.  I also add thick black eyeliner, pearl earrings, a pair of black court shoes and a structured black handbag.  Normally I’d have my hair curled at the ends too (max out that retro vibe!) but I was trying to do a lot of outfit photo’s at once back in mid-October to update you all on my smart outfits.  So forgive the slightly thrown together feel of these photos xD

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this outfit post!  This shape and length of dress is great for a work outfit for an hourglass, it tends to flatter all the right parts of your figure.  I feel that a leather/leatherette dress is easier to wear in a softer colour than black, and the length and style needs to be quite conservative.  Here’s a useful article I found on GlamRadar as I was looking for good examples of leather dresses, about how to wear a leather dress.

Kim Kardashian casual style hits and misses – 2017 edition

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The beautiful Kim is an absolute hourglass icon – she works hard to maintain her figure, is always immaculately put-together and the work she puts in pays off.  I also applaud her as a businesswoman, because regardless of whether one likes or dislikes her self-branding, she knows how to create and sell a product.  It’s not always apparent how much work goes into the whole Kim Kardashian brand as a whole, but I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she works some pretty long days, being a mum of two also.

Now I’m not a fan of anything close to public nudity, and I firmly believe that the most powerful people tend to wear the most clothes – think of top CEO’s, politicians, etc – whereas semi-nudity only gives pseudo-power via exploiting people’s base instincts.  I’d rather earn dignity and respect as a woman than have a limited power over people’s sexuality.

So anyway, I’ve overlooked the obviously sheer outfits of Kim’s, as they’re not my cup of tea, and I’ve stuck with the more day-to-day wearable styles that we could translate into our own wardrobes.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.10.20 PM

HIT #1: The boss woman outfit

Worn to a recent Forbes summit, this Jean Paul Gaultier suit is an absolute win for Kim K.  There are many features which make it work but the key standout elements are the waist fit and importantly the shoulder-squaring effect of the shoulder pads.  Check out this outfit on Carli Bybel below and note how much awesomer her jacket looks due to the shoulders:

Anyway I digress: but never underestimate the value of a good shoulder line and a good waistline in the same garment.  The length of the jacket, it’s deep V neck and close fit all contribute extra fit points, and the way the trousers fit her thighs to the knee, then softly flare out, covering her heels is a great way to elongate the silhouette.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.00.46 PM

MISS #1: The shapeless checked shirt

You probably knew I’d be against this from the start, didn’t you?  Well I am.  Where’s the waist in here?  Haha no in fact, it was a bit of a tough one because I secretly really like this laid back look, which doesn’t pay any heed to flattering the figure.  I’d probably still wear this type of thing, but I just wouldn’t expect to look great in it.  The trousers I find a bit naff – I mean she wears them well but it’s Kim.  On the plus point, the shoes are beautiful.  I also like the lip ring and long straight hair combo, it looks pretty rock and roll overall.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.11.59 PM

HIT #2: the classic white tee and jeans

I think this is a shot from a Vogue edition, I’m not sure how recent it is.  But I love the instagrammy SoCal feel.  I absolutely adore this combination on Kim, and I know it’s nothing groundbreaking but once you get all the elements right for your figure, you’ll literally wear this a million times and look amazing each time you do so.  The white T has a great neckline to minimise the boob area; the shoulder-line is broadened by the cut of the mini-sleeve things – this balances out her hips.  The pocket on the Tee is quite low on her boob so it minimises the bust, just like low-placed butt pockets do for your butt.  The Tee follows the line of her waist without clinging to it; the length of the Tee is right on the hip which is perfect for the hourglass figure.  The jeans I can’t detect any particular features that make them look great other than they fit really well and she has great legs.  But I think the understated but significant platform heels lengthens and slims out the look – with flats she would look equally good but I feel you’d notice the width of her body more (she’s petite, and we petite ones look wider than you tall ones do dammit) :D. Lastly as always, Kim’s hair and makeup and tan are perfect, and I swear if you just did these three things every day, you could practically wear anything and look great.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.06.18 PM

MISS #2: black oversized puffa jacket

I think overall I have to give this a MISS rating because it makes her look shorter and generally wider than she is.  Yes I also love this look like the rocky ‘miss’ above, because there’s something that resonates deeply with me about this ‘I’m not trying’ ‘I’m beyond comfortable in this’ ‘I’m impressing no-one’ type of look.  Her Keds are sweet, her hair and sunglasses together look sweet.  But she looks somewhat matronly with the high neck sweater, heavy bust, and wide hips.  Proceed with caution, and only deploy this look on ‘meh screw it’ days.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.09.25 PM

HIT #3: hoodie and jeans look

Hmm I think I’m probably just proving to myself that I like hourglass figures better in heels than in flats in this outfit-judging exercise.  But I like this look more not only for the heels, but because the hoodie fits much more closely than the ‘miss’ looks above.  This is such a cool hoody – fluted sleeves, rounded waistband, amazing fit.  I think it’s by the brand Vetements (link to SSense site) for a hefty $600.  Her skinny jeans stick to her lower half and the heels lengthen her look.

Screen Shot 2017-10-24 at 9.07.07 PM

“MISS” #3: oversized sweater

Ok I’m just going to say it – I flaming love this look on her, look how cute and sweet she looks against it’s massive swathes of fabric.  No, technically it does absolutely nothing for her figure, but I’d enjoy wearing this at home or just on ‘meh screw it’ days.  I love that she keeps it feminine by having good hair, makeup, nails and jewellery (ring).  But I’ve labelled this a ‘miss’ because I’m slightly struggling to find misses that don’t involve visible nipples and stuff.  Shrug.

I’ll leave it there for this post, as it’s getting a bit long.  But I’ll do a part 2 with some of the hits that I haven’t been able to fit in here today.

Have a great week xx


Autumn/Winter casual hourglass inspiration: Minka Kelly

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WHO ELSE BUT MINKA?!  I’m on a total roll with the beautiful Minka since discovering how much internet photoage there exists of her casual outfits.  Not sure if that’s just due to outfits from shows she acts in (and gets incidentally photographed in too) – but whatevs, if the casual outfits are the work of a stylist, all the better!

Anyway, the topic in hand today, my beautiful readers, is autumn and winter style inspiration.  So I’ve curated a little gallery of wintery outfits that I loved on Minka and felt she was really knocking the ball out of the park with these.  Of note, I think Minka is a bit of a template dresser – you’ll see if you google her that her summer outfits often feature tight black tank top with loose lower half clothing like trousers or long skirts; then there’s the jeans and grey t-shirt template which works well on her; and for winter, I think she has a few shapes she tends to follow.  Personally I’m beginning to think this is absolutely essential for an hourglass for her casual outfit wardrobe – stick to the shapes and styles that suit you, and just change up the colours, fabrics and accessories for variety.

Hope you really enjoy and get some awesome inspiration from these pictures*.  See you next time! ❤

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.33.17 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.34.30 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.32.31 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.32.44 PM

Screen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.38.58 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.38.44 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.36.13 PMScreen Shot 2017-10-08 at 6.34.50 PM

*I don’t claim any ownership of photos.


Cute nod to the 1950’s: hourglass style

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I adore this outfit and wear it all the time to work.  It manages to look put-together but is actually ridiculously practical – I don’t have to make sure my neckline is hoiked up, or my hemline is hoiked down, and I can (should I wish to :P) lunge, stretch and twist without being overly revealing.  There would be a problem if I tried to cartwheel but now I’m just thinking of exceptions to disprove my own initial assertions…why brain, why?  Anyway, back to Planet Earth.  I love this outfit, and I love the little nod to the 1950’s with the full skirt and retro-geometric print.  Incidentally, I noticed recently that Eva Mendes has been looking very 1950’s-esque with the designs for her clothing line – very put together and ladylike.  I’ll pop some example photos at the end of this post if I remember, but I’ve been loving the styling and photoshoots of her lately and finding a lot of inspiration for elegant put-together outfits which are my favourite.


Both pieces are by Louche London, and are both in size 8/XS.  With a skirt like this, the only fit that counts of course is the waist.  This size sits comfortably on my waist, with an inch or two to spare for after lunch poochiness.

IMG_4880 2

I tend to wear this outfit with some basic suedette courts from Marks and Spencer’s and a smart structured handbag.

These exact items I don’t think are on sale any more, but have a look at the other gorgeous vintage style offerings by Louche London here.  They appear to sell via Asos also.

And here’s some gorgeous lady-like fashion from Eva Mendes:

Wishing you love and happiness for whatever you have to face this week ❤