I’m back after sooo long!

Back story, Casual hourglass, Struggles

A more recent selfie of me with my blonde highlights toned to a champagne brown shade.

Hi all,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the beauty of those marvellous curves of yours!

I’m sorry I’ve been horribly absent for so long, I’ve got some exciting reasons why, but I’ve been missing creating my little hourglass articles.  I’ve spent the last few months having all these pent-up thoughts about casually dressing an hourglass figure, and I’m discovering more as I experiment over time, but I’ve had no outlet for the thoughts.  So I’m excited to finally set aside some time to post.

In terms of what I’ve been up to, I’ve got some cool plans underway which represent a bit of a change in life/career direction for me, and I’ve been dreaming of pursuing for over 10 years.  I’m currently designing and creating a product for sale on Amazon and I’m having a lot of fun even though it’s slow and frustrating at times.  I’ve also got a change in my work life coming up so there’s lots going on in the background.

Given the busyness of life I still haven’t had the chance to sort out the lighting in my room and get a nice set up for some better photos, and I think that has been a bit of a mental block for posting more OOTD articles.  I’ll get round to it eventually, but hopefully in the meantime you can tolerate my sub-par iPhone photos, because I think the main point here is to discuss the subject of dressing your hourglass figure casually, and the concepts and principles can still be conveyed with my amateurish shots for now.

It will be so nice to hear how you are getting on and especially if you have any discoveries about casual hourglass wear – keep me updated!

For now, I’ve got some old try-on outfit photos from months ago, the items I bought are not going to be in store any more, but the shape and fit of the garments (which will be available widely) may still be relevant so I’ll create a post about that now.

Wishing you a great week, with love.



My Story

Back story, Casual hourglass, Outfits, Struggles

I always loved girly things, all my life.  I was the little girl that would stare, enraptured, at a beautifully dressed woman walking down the street – I thought there was no sight better than a perfectly put-together woman.

We never spent much on clothes in our family, and I was never shown how to put outfits together stylishly, so it has been a long process learning to enjoy being in my own skin.

I made a lot of outfit mistakes as a teenager, and often looked pretty dreadful, and even though people around me tend to like my outfits these days, I still feel a bit like a gawky teenager inside!

The most confusing aspect of style, growing up, was that outfits that look great on the hangers, and great on straight-figured friends would just look dreadful on me.  I was all boobs, bum and thighs, with a tiny waist.  Drapey tops and skinny jeans seemed to add an extra two stone onto my 5’2 frame.

I have often resorted to smarter, fitted outfits over the years as I quickly learned that I looked best when dressed up a bit.  Pencil skirts were my best friend, and anything nipped in at the waist worked perfectly.  Heels were an essential item.  Big dangly earrings, draped scarves, with classic trench coats were the order of the day.

When I had arrived at my late twenties, having finally felt able to put together a smart, fitted outfit, I turned my attention to trying to look half decent whilst hanging around in casual clothing.  Anything that required shorts, joggers, trainers or swimming was a guaranteed style fail for me, and still is by and large.

That’s why I’m writing this blog, to push myself to learn and analyze what works and what doesn’t for an in-and-out frame.  I don’t need to know how to wear a pencil skirt and pussy-bow blouse, or how to rock a 50’s siren look – these things come kinda naturally to me and many girls with a similar body to mine.  What I have no idea about is how to go on a hike and not look like short wrestler next to my husband (I promise there will be photo evidence at some point ha!).  Or play tennis in shorts and trainers without feeling like my legs look like tree trunks!

I’ll be trying to put together outfits that suit the hourglass frame, that are wearable, keep us looking attractive even when dressed down, without showing too much flesh or attracting too much of the wrong attention.

Do you have any casual occasions you struggle to dress for?  Any tips and advice for the rest of us?