Amber Rose lessons about workout gear for hourglasses

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The always-stunning Amber Rose has decided to grow her usually crew-cut/shaven hair long, and is transitioning to long hair via a variety of awesome wigs.  BUT whilst I discovered this (you know when you’ve got work to be doing, and you’re down a deep ditch in the internet somewhere, lost sight of the horizon, clicking on click-bait articles that add nothing to your life….) I spotted her at an event in THIS>AWESOME>OUTFIT.


This here is high-level hourglass workout gear inspiration: so simple, but remarkably flattering on her curves, even with every curve on show.  The zip-down sweater is by Nike, and I’ve not been able to locate a link for the exact sweater, but I picked one up for myself from Cotton On in NZ, and I’m sure every sports shop has something similar.  I like the femme-fatale edge she’s given the look by including a bit of a low-zipped neckline which looks sexy on her but without being too much.

Otherwise, simple black leggings and black sneakers.  Oh and not forgetting the principles learned from the expert in this, Fanny Neguesha: hair, nails, make-up, teeth-whitening, eyebrows, and jewellery must be perfect.  Spend the majority of your prep on the feminine details and you can chuck on a simple outfit like this and look this good*.  And as mentioned before, it seems to me that straight hair blends best with active wear/casual wear outfits, because it feels more unfussy, youthful and carefree.  I’m not 100% on this but forming a bit of a view from experience.


*your results may vary…we’re not all, you know, millionaire models.

Anyway, have a great evening xx



How to spot clothes that suit an hourglass when online shopping

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When you are flicking through online catalogs of clothing stores, or shoe stores, take notice of the outfits that look ‘off’ on the model’s figures.  By off, I mean like they’re wearing their mum’s clothing, or like their legs or ankles look too skinny, or like their waist looks too boxy.  And this is assuming the model has the typical straight/masculine figure with fantastic skinny legs.  If the outfit looks off on them, it could look FANTASTIC on an hourglass.

Don’t get lured into buying outfits that look INCREDIBLE on the model’s figure, because she is likely the direct opposite figure to you.  What flatters her best are things that play down her waist area and place the focus firmly on her legs.  When an outfit obliterates the waist (eg, roomy dropped hem tops) the eye tracks from the shoulders to the hips.  In a straight figured, or ectomorph body shape (see pic below) the hips are a narrow area so the model still looks slim – sometimes slimmer than in waist-emphasising outfits.  The mesomorph, hourglass shape has it’s widest points at shoulders and hips, therefore obliterating the waist tends to add a few pounds for us.  It’s helpful for an hourglass woman to know that most models are an ectomorph body type – see next three pics – so that you take that into account when looking for outfit inspo.


(Above: the straight figures of supermodels Cameron Diaz and Gisele Bundchen – and although I’m using their figures to illustrate the contrast to hourglass figures, let’s just state right here that no woman’s body gets put down here: these women earn millions for their bodies, where as most of us aren’t so…Whilst I prefer curves, there is absolutely no shade on these completely stunning women.  Straight-waisted women tend to have amazing legs too).

I’ll briefly use the gorgeous Cameron Diaz as an illustration – she is a classic straight-figured ectomorph with *literally* show-stopping legs.  The type of legs I pray to God every night to have.  But God wants me to develop my character so I wake up with the legs of a height-impaired wrestler each day.  Pahah!  Anyway….(back to WWF for me)

Here is an outfit that looks amazing and casual and awesome on former-model, Cameron.  This is exactly the type of outfit my casual-wear loving eye is immediately drawn to.  I will buy this whole outfit in a second, and later wonder why it makes me look a bit blah.  Here we go:


I just love this on her.  She is comfortable, laid-back, elegant and looks tall and slim.  It must be because she’s a model and is blessed by God?

But look at this outfit:


If you’re an hourglass reading this, you’re probably thinking there is no way that dress would look bad on you (and that’s likely completely true).  But it looks as if this supermodel has borrowed her mom’s dress.  It looks boring.   How about these ones:

Now, I know I’m having to resort to smart clothing to demonstrate my point (because Cameron knows how to flatter her figure in casual wear, plus her figure lends itself more to casual) but still, the smart dresses look either boring or like her mom’s clothes on her.

But look at these – here she’s back on top form and I want to buy the same outfits again (and will conversely look boring and frumpy in them unlike her xD)

The key difference in these outfits seem to be emphasis (or de-emphasis) on waist and legs.  Cameron still looks slim and streamlined when her waist is disguised by her outfits.  But she doesn’t look so slim when her waist is on show, because there’s no longer an illusion that she has a slim waist hiding under the clothes.

So my tip is to use this idea to shop for hourglass friendly clothes online.  When you see a gorgeous ectomorph model look ‘off’ in an outfit, study what it is about the outfit that looks off.  It could always be the poor design of the clothes.  But more often than not, it’s an A-line skirt, or a waisty dress that would likely look fantastic on a woman who has the curves to fill it out.

Here are some examples, all from the Boohoo skirt section.



Obviously a gorgeous woman, but looks like she’s wearing her big sister’s skirt here, with gangly adolescent legs poking out the bottom of this A-line cord skirt.  The line from her waist to her thighs looks like the straight edge of a square.






By contrast, the hourglass woman below has thicker thighs poking out the bottom of her A-line skirt, and looks proportional and pretty with her tiny waist for contrast.






Comparing the two beautiful women wearing the left and right outfits (although I simply prefer the styles on the right anyway, with feminine styling – just to highlight a confounding factor in this example) the straight-figured model on the left looks broad across her waist, and this outfit only emphasises that her chest, waist and hips are a similar width.  Whereas on the right, the fact that the similar outfit emphasises her waist is a benefit because the narrow waist contrasts attractively with bigger chest and hips.

Last example from Boohoo:


Two slightly different dresses, but the the hip, waist and leg area on the left model make me think of a gangly junior, versus the full-bodied womanly curves on the right.

The converse is true – when you see an ectomorphic model look amazing in a certain outfit, it is more likely that we hourglasses cannot join in this party*

*and look anywhere near as good.

See the below examples from HoneyBum:

The model on the left has to stick her bum out to emphasise her small/straight curves, but she looks slim, casual and awesome in this jogger and crop set.  On the right, despite the model having a great figure, she looks heavy, chunky and drab to me.

Last example for today:


I want to immediately buy the outfit on the right, because she looks fantastic.  But I’ll end up looking heavy-legged in those joggers, like the model on the left.  Incidentally though, I love that white strappy crop on the model on the left…!  These two photos are from Honeybum as well.

Hope that all makes sense and helps you to browse more effectively online!

Love me xx

A good biker jacket for the hourglass figure

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Hi everyone, I’m popping back for a quick post or two tonight as I’m missing posting on here!  How are you all?  Thanks for your ongoing support and views of the blog despite my absence.  I’m wishing I had time enough to do this justice, writing regular useful articles with quality photos, but in my current season of life I’ve got a lot going on.

Anyway, have you ever felt as a curvy-figured girl that your biker jacket looks a smidgen clunky and a bit visually overpowering?  It can just be the slightest effect, meaning you still wear it, but it’s not ‘perfect’.  I mean something a little like the below pic:


For a lot of people, this look is absolutely fine, and they see nothing wrong with it.  For me personally, having proportions similar to this lady, I feel the cross-over zip area and the waist area just looks ‘too much’.

Well I think I’ve figured out why the proportions look a bit off.  I think it’s because the proportions are thrown off by the awkward length of the jacket, and secondly because the thick fabric doesn’t meld around multiple soft curves as well as it sits on a straight, masculine figure.  I mean, I guess leather is a masculine material in some senses due to it’s toughness etc.

I think I’ve figured out the answer.  Cropped biker jackets exist for women like us!  The proportions suit a short waist much much better because the jacket is so short; and to ensure the torso doesn’t look too short now you’ve chopped the length off your jacket, you can zip it up to your neck, or add a scarf or crew neck shirt, or lengthen the torso by having a hip length t-shirt or sweater underneath.  The overall effect is that instead of dominating our small upper bodies, and having to go out (boobs), in (waist) and out again (hips) in a clunky fashion with thick leather, the cropped jacket only has to cope with boobs and waist and has the additional benefit of minimizing our upper half and making us look tiny.  Also it takes advantage of the tiny waist on an hourglass.

I’ve recently had the fortune to stumble across a vegan leather cropped biker jacket in Glassons (NZ) that fit like a glove.  I’ve never known a jacket to cope with my shoulders, boobs and waist all in one go, but this one did somehow.  The fake leather is very soft and giving too with a little stretch, so I think that helps; if you are going to get a cropped biker jacket either make it flexible fake leather, or make it butter-soft expensive leather.

Here is the jacket (I haven’t gotten round to photographing myself in it yet – I’ll try sort that out soon).


It’s a very simple design, which I think is good for minimizing the visually dominating effect on a small torso.  But what is remarkable about this jacket is that it can cope with a 35 inch bust down to a 24.5 inch waist, all in one garment.  It actually zips up across my boobs!  And it copes with my mesomorph shoulders (a type of body/muscle structure that many athletic and hourglass women tend to have – feel free to google if you want good information about diet/work-outs for keeping the mesomorph body slim…actually I may do a blog post about it soon come to think of it).  So I can highly recommend this jacket if you need to accommodate boobs.  I got a size 6, where I’m usually size 8 really, so maybe down-size one size.  The jacket is $79.99 NZD, and ships internationally.

Below is one super cute example of a cropped biker jacket look that is very feminine.


Thanks and see you soon ❤

A temporary goodbye


Hi there,

Just dropping you all a note to let you know the blog will be out of action for a time – possibly months, as I face new, exciting but time consuming challenges in my offline life.  I’ve had to give in and realise I can’t keep all the balls in the air at the same time, something has to drop, and I need to prioritise a couple of other projects at the moment.  Thank you for your ongoing support of the blog, I’ve loved posting my thoughts and wish I would’ve had more time to make it look more professional and get some good quality photos for you all.  Maybe once things settle back down, I’ll be able to do this as it’s an extremely enjoyable hobby for me.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and peaceful few months until we next connect.

Lucy x

Casual OOTD: Superdry T-shirt and beige slacks

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Happy Saturday to you all :). I took a quick picture of my slouchy Saturday outfit today – I can’t work out whether it’s cool or American Tourist™ but this is basically the sort of thing I would be wearing most of the time if I could make it look ok.


I feel like I look pretty straight-figured in this outfit and that may be part of why it works.     The main focus for me, looking at these pictures retrospectively, is the minimising effect this outfit has had on my hips/thighs. I mean, the thighs are still very clearly *there* but….just go with me on this one, ok? :p

I usually feel this type of outfit stands or falls on the thigh area – let’s be honest, it’s a masculine, ‘blokey’ look, and it suits straight, boyish figures more than it suits feminine figures.  So the figure sporting the outfit needs to kinda reflect that blokeyness for it to work well.  I think it’s the cut of these (old Quiksilver) what would now be Roxy clothing trousers that creates that loose, peg-leg trouser look without clinging to the hips.  I’ve worn the already low waist, low slung on my body to lengthen my torso and balance my proportions, and furthermore for reasons I can’t figure out, the rolled-up 3/4 leg effect creates a balanced lower half.


I’ve lengthened my lower proportions by just over an inch with my ‘flatforms’ from this previous post which is subtle but certainly helps.  The Superdry t-shirt I ordered off Ebay and it’s a size too big at size 10, but it doesn’t look or feel too loose on.  I think it helped create a straighter waist section to complement the masculine look of the outfit, but it still vaguely follows the curves of the torso so doesn’t add too much upper-body volume.  I’ve had a few Superdry t-shirts over the years, and they last ages, always look great and can be quite fitted when you get them in your correct size.  What makes them so good for the female form in my opinion is the cut of the neckline, and the cap sleeves that have a flattering effect of widening the shoulder line a bit, which balances the hips.  So I’d highly recommend stocking up on several of these cute t-shirts, they’re great for combining with sports gear, with just jeans and sneakers, or if you’re me, you tuck them into maxi skirts and wear with Converse too (to work, as well)….I’ve not tried their vest/tank tops yet, and that would be next on my agenda to see how well they are cut also.


Anyway, just a brief look at todays slouchy outfit for you – even if it is a bit American Tourist™, you can maybe take the principles and make them work for you with different colour trousers or lose the cap etc.  Have a great week, speak to you soon! ❤

Ps sorry to my American readers – let it comfort you that American Tourist™ is no where near as bad looking as British Tourist™, who sports socks with sandals, awful billowing Bermuda shorts and probably a full dress shirt and tie on the top half, because British.  And if you were my grandfather’s generation, you wore an undershirt (vest as we call it) 365 days a year, despite it being blazing summer or whatever, because it was practically pornography not to wear your undershirt.  So….maybe you feel better now….maybe…..? ;P

Football babe outfit inspiration with Fanny Neguesha – look 3

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These photo’s are adorable not just because she looks phenomenal but because she has that knowing look we all do when all the eyes are on us haha!  You know the ‘just gonna pretend I’m casually looking into the middle distance’ *quick hair swoop over shoulder* haha.  I love it.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.43.46 PM

I don’t exactly know what she’s wearing on her lower half, but I think it’s just patterned leggings, like yoga pants or something.  She’s knotted her football shirt to the side, and layered some amazing body jewellery over the top.  And as per the other posts about her, she’s paid the most attention to having perfect hair, make-up, nails and skin – it’s worth noting that straight hair seems to go particularly well with casual outfits because it looks youthful and laid-back (like we all didn’t spend four hours washing, blow-drying and straightening that hair!) and goes well with baseball caps and the like.

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.43.54 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.45.34 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.45.41 PM

Quick OOTD: black co-ords for work

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Hey there!  Hope you are all having a great week ❤

Just some really quick shots of a simple outfit I wore for work today.  It’s all old items, the sort of thing any of us have in our wardrobes.   But it’s a very easy and classic combination and pretty flattering to an hourglass shape in my opinion.


The high waisted A-line skirt is what makes the outfit – it’s flattering to my short and not particularly skinny legs (the 3″ court shoes help also – an old Marks and Spencer floral patterned heel, not for sale any more but they do some super cute low-to-mid-heeled patterned shoes there with all sorts of stiletto or block heels).  Just to draw attention to another point – I’ve always felt that 3/4 length sleeves and trousers work on my figure, and this black shirt is no different.  I can’t work out if it seems to work because I’m petite in height, and the 3/4 length stops the garments overwhelming my limbs.  Or whether it’s a more general hourglass body principle, such as the way it balances with our short torso perhaps?  I don’t know, but there seems to be a visual balance provided somehow by the 3/4 sleeves.  It could be worth playing around with as a really subtle way to make your casual outfits look a bit better – push the sleeves of your cardie or sweater up to your elbows or forearms and see what you think – it always seems to work for me.


I was having a bit of a ‘fat legs’ week before I decided to go out in public with this outfit, as it’s where I carry most of my weight.  I’ve been looking at the prospect of covering them up all summer with a bit of regret, but this day I decided to try and make it work for my cute lil fat legs.  The wide hem of the A-line skirt really helps to visually slim down your legs, so this is a flattering option; I feel the length of this skirt, several inches above the knee, is also quite important – it seems to balance the rest of my outfit better than a shorter skirt would, and ends where my thighs are still a similar width to my calves.  But it’s short enough to look youthful and playful at the same time.

I was wearing some Marks and Spencer’s tights/pantyhose this day, ones with ‘support’ and 20 deniers and a relatively matte/natural tan finish.  These tights are fantastic and have lasted about 20 washes so far without getting holes in them.  Well worth the investment.  Just remember if you’re a bit self conscious of your legs, very natural looking tights are still an option in the summer, even under shorts, and the support ones hold wobbly legs in a bit tighter, almost like Spanx for your legs xD (also if you’re me and your legs swell, it helps with circulation).  I would recommend Aristoc 5-20 denier tights as some of the best on the market and extremely durable too.  But M&S has an excellent selection at cheaper prices.

Lastly, despite wanting what I can’t have (I want to wear ankle straps that cut me off at the ankle, and boots that come up to my ankle etc etc) I decided to go with the flattering ‘no-straps-at-the-ankle’ look and simply plumped for some cute mid-heel courts to lengthen my legs.  Sometimes I forget to just stick to the tried and tested, proven formulas for legs because I’m so focussed on wanting to be able to do what super-skinny legged girls can do (wear converse hi-tops with a mini skirt or whatever – I shudder at the thought of that on me….).  But the short skirt and court heels trick is probably always going to bring the best out in any girl’s legs.  So remember this as a trick with skirts or shorts over the summer.  It’s a bit higher maintenance than wearing flats, but if it gives us a little confidence boost, then it’s worth it.  Substitute stilettos for slingback peep-toe wedges for the warmer weather too.

Details pictures below:

  1. The button front of my shirt
  2. A close up of the green and navy smokey eye I paired with this simple look
  3. Another look at the make-up I wore – below these photos you can see the type of inspiration I was copying (with varying degrees of success xD).  The idea for me was to try echo the colours in my eyes with a cool yellow around the pupil and dark blue around the edges.  The middle of my corresponding makeup ended up looking goldy/green instead but I liked it either way and it got a few compliments.  Sadly the colours washed out quite a lot in the photos, but the professional make-up look below my photos is simply breathtaking, made more dramatic by the pale eye colour, and the eyeshadow beautifully echoing that.  Also my eyebrows are EXTREMELY jealous of the ones in the professional photo…think it’s time for me to drop $50 and get mine fixed up at Phoenix Salon again….

Screen Shot 2017-11-29 at 6.55.41 AM

Football babe casual outfits inspiration with Fanny Neguesha: look 2

Celebrity inspiration

This look is adorable – I can’t see what the outfit does below the knees, but I feel like she may have on a maxi skirt or some cotton hareem-style trousers or something.  I absolutely love the pop-of-colour crop top which brings out the yellow details in the skirt.  And as per usual, she knocks the ball out of the park when it comes to the details – natural no-make-up make-up, perfect but not overdone hair (waist length extensions here too – they’re incredible), dainty jewellery and tons of happy I-know-you’re-all-looking-at-me energy.  Yes, darling, we all are – you enjoy that limelight ❤

Screen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.15.43 PMScreen Shot 2017-11-04 at 7.15.20 PM

That is a stunning outfit: Jean from ExtraPetite

Outfit of the day, Uncategorized is one of my favourite blogs EVER and hugely successful.  I’ve followed the blog since about 2011 and have watched Jean develop her blog into a powerful brand, she works like a boss and ensures every look is deployed perfectly.  I sometimes look at her TINY thighs and think I shouldn’t really be on her site xD – the term extra-petite is for really small framed and short girls, but she creates THE most beautiful outfits in just my favourite style, so I keep turning up!

I love this look below SO much and think it would also work for a curvier body.

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 6.28.16 PM

The neutral tones work incredibly well, creating an expensive-looking ensemble.  Here is a link to the original post on