profilepicI am a 32 year old blogger based in Auckland, New Zealand, with a lifelong quest to learn how to dress a petite, busty, short-waisted, hourglass figure in clothes that I love.  I’ve been constantly looking for fashion inspiration blogs from normal sized, normal height girls for years, as I love copying how they put outfits and accessories together.  But most of the blogs out there didn’t seem to cater to the specific needs of an hourglass figure too well.  So I thought I’d start my own blog to provide similar for any girls out there who would like to learn from my limited experience, and who would like to travel with me along this journey to learn style and how to dress this bunch of curves of a body!  I love talking about clothes, makeup and girly things, and this outlet will mean I don’t bore my husband and friends senseless with such chat.  You can expect a mix of photos, outfits, hair, nails, make-up, analyzing of our frame and what works and a bit of philosophizing about being a woman.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


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