Quick casual OOTD: Adidas leggings


Hi all, so sorry for the long time no posts – I’ll hopefully be back on it from now on for a good while.  A short while ago I ordered some classic Adidas leggings – I was just feeling it at the moment, I don’t know why.  But the theory was that those awesome stripes down the side should be leg slimming and lengthening, and add an interesting detail to just plain black leggings which I’m not a great fan of.  In reality, I don’t feel they were actually particularly slimming, but I liked the look anyway, and it’s a feminine way to basically slob around in sportswear!

IMG_1735 2

(oh I must say – my mirror is a mess I’m so sorry; hopefully you can still get the gist)

When they arrived I noticed they’re a good thick stretchy fabric which doesn’t lose its shape throughout the day.  I slipped them on and they bunched up at the ankles xD which was not how I saw it going in my head!  I’m 5’2-3 so if you’re my height and you mind, you may have to take them up.  I don’t really mind, to be honest – what do you think?  I paired these comfy leggings with a white square-necked tank top (old one, from Primark), and as I tend to do with leggings, I tie a thin jumper or checked shirt round my waist for more coverage.  I wore my pink Adidas Cloudform Ortholite trainers with this outfit and chucked on my shades and a polka-dot red backpack and out the door I went.


This outfit is great for anything from exploring the outdoors whilst avoiding looking too manly ha!  Also for running errands or going to college.  It’s pretty versatile from the fact it’s sporty but still reasonably decent for wearing round town.

I’ll be back soon! xx