Spotty trousers and cami OOTD


Hello all!  Today I’m bringing to you an outfit I recently bought from Glassons (an NZ store).  I have been enjoying playing with my proportions lately, trying to hint at high-waisted style but without looking like the woman on the left here.

Todays outfit is suitable for most workplaces, for going out shopping, or meeting the girls for some drinks after work.  It can be made smarter or more casual.  And the proportions appear to work, to my eye, so the outfit can be a useful template for anyone with similar proportions to mine.  Just switch up the colours and fabrics of the different components and you’ve got a bunch of ready-made work/casual outfits.img_2251

The camisole has some elegant strappy detailing at the front, and sits high enough on the chest to lengthen the torso, and prevent too much cleavage going on display.  The V-neckline at the back adds something pretty to the back view too.img_1185

The trousers are cropped (on people with longer legs than me xD) and mid-rise on most people.  I’ve added a patent black belt to make them look more dressed-up for work, but a pop of colour like a neon yellow skinny belt, or pillar-box red belt would look fab with this outfit.

I’ve added my CK heels to ensure the lower half proportions are balanced, given I’ve got cropped trousers on that can shorten the leg-line.  And I’d pair this look with a handbag that matches the shoes, like a matte leather/leatherette material.  img_8539img_7934_185

My tags are still on the back of my trousers xD and I have a normal bra on under this camisole – but if I was wearing it out and about, I’ll put an adhesive silicone bra on or some silicone nipple covers +/- boob tape to keep everything in place underneath.


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