Well groomed all the time, part I


Something slightly different today, but still connected to the subject of looking good.  I thought I’d research and write a post on personal maintenance regimes, as this is a subject of interest to me and many women.  I am always very inspired when I see a woman who is immaculately groomed, from head to toe.  Furthermore, I’m extremely impressed when I get to know her over a longer time and she is always, always the same – immaculate at all time.  How does this type of woman manage it?

Time.  Time. Time. Time.

A good maintenance regime doesn’t have to be overbearing if you design it in a streamlined manner and invest a few dollars for quality beauty treatments that last.  But it does take time.  One thing I have learnt over the years observing and analysing this subject, and trying to work to become my ideal, is that there is no such thing as a woman who looks incredible all the time without a significant time (and money) commitment.

I think we all have this Victorian-era type ideal within us that true beauty is ‘natural’ and it is best to aim for the lowest-maintenance regime possible that allows you to look half decent.  We maybe also imagine these mythical women who are so naturally beautiful that they just wash their hair and slap some moisturiser on their face, and turn out like a Victoria’s Secret model.  And I think the underlying ideal beneath all this is something to do with authenticity.  The idea that if I am beautiful in my natural state, then I am truly beautiful.

Yes. Women are damn beautiful in their natural state.  I firmly believe women are the fairer sex, and our bodies are the works of a Master craftsman.  But that is not the reason that attractive woman catches your eye – she is not waking up that way.  That perfectly-kempt, perfumed,  naturally tanned, shiny haired friend of yours doesn’t just paint her nails from time to time.  She has waxing appointments on the regular, pays a fair bit at the nail salon to get a fresh coat of Shellac every two weeks, spends hours researching outfits and sitting in the hair salon.  Oh and her tan is not natural either.

What’s awesome about female beauty is that it’s directly related to the effort you put in.  Most attractive women you see simply put in more thought and effort than the women around them.  They aren’t necessarily blessed with more beauty than those around.  As Dita Von Teese rightly deduced, there are the naturally beautiful women among us who are the genetically blessed and we rightly applaud them as beautiful.  But there is another type of beauty that comes from being well put together that can even exceed natural beauty at times.

So in the next post in this mini-series, I’m going to discuss the different aspects of a beauty and body maintenance regime that are common amongst those immaculately put-together women I admire so much.  Speak soon! xx



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