A quick completely basic OOTD: jeans and t-shirt



Hi guys, this outfit probably doesn’t warrant an OOTD post at all, but I’ve been photographing a few of my more casual daily looks with the purpose of sharing with you how I’m dressing my figure at the moment, on both casual and smart days.  And by documenting what I’m like currently, I can improve on the cut and styles gradually and hopefully we can all learn from it and get better outfits over time.

So that being said, my basic outfit above was all about trying to play with proportions on my short-waisted body.  I usually find T-shirts to come to a funny length on me that is neither short enough to show a bit of midriff, or long enough to be flattering (namely coming just an inch or so above the widest part of my hips).  So I selected this simple white round-neck t-shirt from Cotton On (NZ) because it flattered several aspects of my shape.

  1. Round neck is low so breaks up the boobs a bit (high neck line = long huge looking boob line)
  2. Short cap sleeves balance hips width making the overall look balanced and hourglassy
  3. The cropped cut gives a cute, understated bit of midriff showing, that you can play down with the cardie
  4. The ribbed fabric clings to the waist meaning the narrowest part of me is emphasised.

Plus I love cute lil buttons.  I paired this tee with a grey cardigan from Glassons.  I’ve actually gone and bought three colours of this style of cardi from Glassons over the past months because the first one I got (seen in this post) fitted so nicely and managed to be exactly what I am (unconsciously) looking for in a cardi.  Actually, I’ll dedicate a few lines to the subject of finding a good cardi for short hourglass girls because it’s been a bit of a long search for me and I’m really pleased with this cut of cardi.

The features of this cardi that seem to make it look nice are: close fitting to waist, and arms.  V-neckline that joins in the midline about and inch or two above the nipple.  No gathered, puffy effect on the body of the cardi – it’s straight up and down on the hanger, instead of bunching up just above the ribbed lower seam.  And it has lots of cute tiny buttons.  Oh and you will see the length is long enough to look slouchy and ‘boyfriend cardi-ish’ on me, but on a normal waisted gal, it’s just a waist-length cardi.  With my colourings, I’ve had to eschew the beige cardi for now despite being a great neutral (I may go back on this decision as I’ve always wanted a great, neutral toned boyfriend cardi), but I’ve bought grey as my neutral, and navy and mid-blue (as in the other post linked above) and these colours are catering well for my wardrobe.

Last of all, my faithful Levi jeans, in the style ‘slouch straight 504s’ are like a million years old and slightly flared at the end which dates them a bit, but when I’m as casual as this I couldn’t give a rats arse how dated they are.  These jeans fit the hips beautifully, give your bum a lift, and are even low-rise on a short ol’ body like mine!  I’d imagine they barely cover the bikini line on a girl with a normal torso xD.

Such a simple template for a casual outfit, but I felt pretty happy with it because I’d ensured all the individual component (T-shirt, cardi, jeans) are pulling their weight separately, being well-cut and flattering in their own right.  Once I know what shapes and styles I need, I can chop and change the colours of the garments, add accessories, add heels or flats, and thereby change up this look, whilst still feeling fab because the clothes work with my body.


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