Off the shoulder OOTD



Welcome back all!  Quick little OOTD and mini-review today.  I’m taking these selfies from my new apartment and haven’t found an aesthetically-pleasing background for my mirror selfies yet, so bear with me.  Shout out to my granny dressing gown in the back row there.  Love ya.  Also to note, last time I checked my legs don’t have the general texture of moon rock, but this filter has done something special to them.  Hey-ho!


Here is a very simple summery outfit – a cotton, lace-trimmed off shoulder dress (a brighter colour would improve the look for warm summer days).  I was able to pair my black dress (last season from The Warehouse, NZ) with my…eeeeeee!…new Calvin Klein pointy pumps ❤ I’m getting a bit pedantic when it comes to pumps, because I find this shape shoe is my favourite smart-wear shape, but if you don’t get a well designed shoe, they often slob off the back of your heel, bunch your toes up or rub and cause pain.  For me, another key specification is maximum 3-3.5″ heel, because anything higher than that takes too much effort in a locomotor sense, when walking about the office.  By way of mini-review, I can highly recommend these heels, they’re a little bit of an investment (I got them from Macy’s in the US, I think they were about $99 at the time) but they are comfortable, well-fitting, easy to walk in and look incredibly chic.  I’m wearing them non-stop with just about every outfit at the moment, but they don’t go so well with my pyjamas or in the shower I’ve discovered.  #dontjudge #I’llgetoverit #withtimeandcounselling



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