An entire post dedicated to this beautiful hourglass woman


Who art thou, most beautiful of women??!  Who knows, but thou canst rock(eth) the high waisted trouser like none other and your hairfacemakeupjewelleryoutfitbodyandaccessories is simply divine to behold(eth).  So, dearest lady, I salute you.    screen-shot-2017-01-14-at-12-04-38-amscreen-shot-2017-01-14-at-12-05-08-am

And yon dearest readers, sorry for thine bank accounts after you see this inspirational post and go out and drop some serious k’$ on seventeen different shades of high waisted trousers.


And lastly, an incidental aside as I analyse how thick the waistband is on her trousers, I think this lady has more of a ‘cello’ type shape, with a normal length waist area, so be aware a shorter-waisted hourglass may need to invest in trousers with thinner waistbands so that your damn waistband doesn’t take up the entire region between chest and hips.  Just sayin’.


Which is your fave look?  My favourite is number one.  Speak soon xx


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