Musings on dressing a curvy figure


So I’ve been planning a few more chatty and content-heavier posts for a while now, and time-permitting I’ll get some good writing time set aside soon.  For tonight, I’m sitting here in my rose-patterned dressing gown (oh yea, it’s quite a grandma of a dressing gown!), with laptop on my knees and ready to share some of my thoughts with you.

I wanted to give you an update on where I am with the casual style for hourglasses so far (given that this is the main aim of this blog!). I’ve noticed myself migrating back to the land of smart or dressier clothing lately, out of habit, and out of wanting to look my best, and I feel like I need to get back on track towards my goal for this blog which is to really explore the most casual looks.

I’m feeling pretty out of my depth currently with respect to really casual clothing, for a handful of reasons.

Firstly, I put on a bit of weight recently, and for me that goes straight to my legs (Cheers, Genetics) and I find that casual styles often depend on skinny-ish legs to look good.  My self-appointed task is to still find a way around that, taking into account our curvy shapes, but I suppose what I’m saying is I’M SULKING PEOPLE because it’s hard and I haven’t nailed it yet 😀 sulksulksulk

Secondly, you need to invest in slightly better cut clothing when you’re going casual and I’ve been saving the pennies by shopping at Boohoo lately, and I’m loving it still…so this ship has not yet sailed, and there will be more Boohoo stuff appearing in the OOTD posts no doubt.  But ultimately I’ll need to be exploring some more expensive brands that are tailored specifically to the casual clothing market, like your A+F and Hollister type of brands, so I can figure out which figure-flattering pieces are best to invest in, and which you can save your money on.

Thirdly, I was feeling a bit frumpy with the casual clothes I was wearing, and never feeling my best.  See reason 1 for this too, but also the fact that I just rarely feel my best in dressed-down clothes and flat shoes.  Again, the purpose of this blog is to find a way to make casual look good, so I’m going to keep working hard on that.

So that’s where I have been for the last few weeks.  I’ve also been musing and developing my latest theories on casual wear for us curvies, informed by the many different shapes and styles I try on in the shops and research online.

My current opinion on how women like us can pull off casual style is that we have to opt for the girly/feminine end of casual in order to make it look good.  So, skirts and dresses in casual fabrics and styles, may be the best way for us, even though I resent that and it doesn’t necessarily agree with my hypothesis on starting this blog.  But I’ll be exploring this opinion in upcoming weeks, and comparing and contrasting the girly/casual looks with more traditionally un-girly casual looks on my figure.  And of course I will be reporting back, so that you can benefit too.

Lastly, I think another reason I’ve been showcasing smarter looks lately is that I’m making a conscious effort to keep very gently abreast of trends, many of which involve smarter pieces of clothing.  For example, there is this cute-as outfit that I can’t wait to show you, but it’s basically palazzo pants, which never look casual in my opinion.  Despite the smarter outfits being a bit left-of-field for this blog, I hope you have been enjoying the more classic outfits too – I certainly value the variety.

To finish up, I’m pretty excited for my upcoming plans for the blog, the outfits and the content posts, and if you guys would like to see me tackle a particular curvy girl casual problem (like what to wear at a particular casual setting) then do let me know via the comments, I would love your feedback.

Have a great week and speak soon ❤



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