Styling a culotte jumpsuit


Culottes and jumpsuit all in one big ol’ outfit.  Sounds terrifying.  I’ll do it.

I just wanted to see how wearable the whole culottes trend is on someone with my figure and height, and whilst I was browsing Boohoo, I came across this jumpsuit.  I loved it on the model, and thought it was a nice, easy way to wear culottes – not having to worry about which top to wear, and just pulling it on like a dress.  The other essential for me in this outfit was the waist tie, allowing the other more controversial aspects (culottes ending at a midi length on my little legs) to be balanced and flattered more.


This Boohoo jumpsuit comes in a thick, textured, slightly stretchy polyester fabric, which makes it a stylish but snug option for a cooler day.  The fabric is heavy enough to drape reasonably well (despite not being expensive) as hopefully the photo’s demonstrate.  The area around the waist looks a little cheap but when you wrap the waist-tie around once and tie at the front, you can’t really notice unless you’re looking.

Figure-wise, I was pleasantly surprised with this outfit.  I paired it with high platform heels in order to make my legs look longer and slimmer in spite of the culottes cutting them off at a fashionable-but-unflattering length.  I liked how flattering the 3/4 sleeves were, and they matched nicely with the 3/4 length trousers.  The mock-wrap V-neck proved super flattering for the chest area, minimizing the boobs.  The wide-leg look seemed to work reasonably well, despite hips being the widest point on an hourglass figure.

I’ve worn this to work a couple of times so far, once paired with bright pink lips and nails, and once as above with big gold chandelier earrings.  What I haven’t been brave enough to emulate yet is the look a lot of Japanese women are wearing in our city at the moment – culotte/groucho pants with flat brogues, paired with a cocoon overcoat and often a hat of sorts.  These girls tend to have very slim figures and pull it off with aplomb, but I’m not sure my hourglass frame would hold up to such a challenge – I’d need some nod to the waist in the outfit for it to work.  Still, I enjoyed trying out this outfit as a change, and a new silhouette, and I have a comfortable, warm, easy outfit to throw on when I’m running late now.  I’d definitely recommend trying out culottes if you’re interested in this silhouette, and the main take home point for an hourglass is to keep the emphasis on the waist in order to flatter that curvy shape.