Yellow pleated midi skirt for late summer


DSC_3061DSC_3053So sorry for being off radar for a while, life has been somewhat busy of late!  It’s coming to the end of winter in New Zealand, and me and my dear husb have been enjoying cosy wood-burner fires, sunny but cold morning commutes, and a lot of quite naughty food!  So we’ve both got a spare chin to show for our gastronomic indulgences I’m afraid – we need to get our summer body project going soon…

Before I move on, here is some of the evidence of what we’ve been like lately:


This is me at Casa Del Gelato in Parnell, Auckland, next to our ‘freakshakes’, these obscenely chocolatey creations that have about eight million calories per bite – they were DELICIOUS.  If you’re ever in the vicinity, do pop in.  Oh and yes, I’ve got a disposable glove on – they provide them with each freakshake…and I’m surprised they stop there.  A disposable bib or bodysuit would’ve been welcome as far as I’m concerned; I was wearing 2/3rds of my shake by the end.

Anyway, enough of that, back to the clothes.  I’m loving the midi trend lately, and I swear I never thought I’d get into it, being a petite 5’2 gal myself.  I’m getting away with it in this outfit by balancing the proportions using some high platform shoes from ASOS (last year – some similar offerings here), and I felt this skirt is a little too long for flats for me.  If it was a slightly shorter midi cut, I’d also pair it with brogues when I couldn’t be bothered to wear heels.

My mustard yellow skirt is from Boohoo (100% polyester) – man I adore this colour.  I’m always drawn to autumnal colours such as khaki, mustards, olive greens, and rusts.  They don’t suit me however, so I’ll put them on my lower half, or interrupt the colour with a scarf or chunky necklace if it’s close to my face.  Another way to indulge my love of those colours is with accessories – I love me a yellow handbag for winter.  Like this one: 089010722723

Back to my outfit, I’ve paired my gorgeous skirt with an old black vest top and my tan platforms are surprisingly comfortable given the foot is saved from being at an acute angle by the presence of the platform.  I’m wearing a really good stick on bra from Bra’s n Things (an NZ brand) which comes in size DD; its a bit thicker than I’d like, I just prefer enough padding to prevent any lumps and bumps showing through, but this one adds about 1cm projection which is good or bad, depending on how you look at it.  It stays on like a beauty though and can create great cleavage if you stick it on right.  I don’t often wear too ‘cleavagey’ outfits, but what I do find useful with this bra is that it brings the girls together nicely, which makes my torso look quite a bit slimmer; so if I want to look a bit more petite in certain tops, even if the girls aren’t on show, this bra has a width-minimizing effect.


Anyway, this pleated skirt look is right up my street at the moment – I’ve worn it to work (with a button down cardie, tucked in) and to the theatre, and found it to be pretty versatile.  I love the girlish but sophisticated vibe from it.  This skirt is a piece that could be worn perfectly in any season, just adjusting the top and shoes (plus tights/pantyhose) to winter or summer it up.  Apologies it’s a bit on the more smart side than casual, but again, if you’re a bit taller than me,  you can happily put some gladiator flats or flip-flops with this for summer, or brogues for winter; if you’re as mini as me, you could always have it taken up a couple of inches to wear it with flats whilst still keeping your visual proportions pleasing.


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