Over-knee boots and a grey poncho


Here’s a quick outfit of the day for you.  I’ve often wanted to try the tall-boots-over-jeans look but I’ve kinda chickened out thinking you needed ultra skinny thighs for it.  But recently I purchased a pair of suedette boots from Milanoo (wouldn’t massively recommend these particular boots as the foot box is a bit loose, but otherwise they’re ok) but they were cheap and enabled me to try out the look without committing too much.  I liked the look, and paired the black boots with my black jeans, for a more subtle effect initially.  For the top half, I have worn a red/white/blue checked shirt, but also my grey poncho as pictured.  There’s plenty of other cute tops you could wear, such as chiffon blouses, leather jacket, tunics etc etc.  I think I’ll also be brave enough to wear them over my grey jeans too at some point.

See what you think, hope you like the look 🙂


My poncho is from Temt, a highly affordable Kiwi store that sells Primark-standard clothing.  Black stretch skinny jeans are old, from Primark.  Handbag is from Novo and boots are from Milanoo.  My hat is old from Forever 21 in a trilby style.  Bangle is Forever 21.




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