This jumper looks rubbish

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I was in Valley Girl recently and thought I’d demonstrate for you exactly the style of jumper that an hourglass ought to avoid.  What’s wrong with this cut and style?

  • It’s in an unflattering colour for me – I’m a ‘soft summer deep’ colouring, and this means grey/soft based cool toned shades rather than warm tones like this rusty orange.  Have a look at Colour Me Beautiful to research your colours if you’ve not thought about it before, it can make a marked difference to how your outfits work against your skin, hair and eye colour.
  • It’s high neck, which doesn’t break up the upper chest at all, visually creating a large expanse of boob.  The cowl neck on the other hand can be quite flattering on the bust, but needs to drape lower on the chest to work well.


(This style of cowl neck from Venus clothing would be far more flattering)

  • Back to the orange top, the cut is too loose around the waist, meaning the jumper drapes from the bust apex to the hips, creating a blocky shape.
  • I quite like the length and crossover style at the lower end of the jumper however, but some would say it’s a bit too long for my 5’2 frame.  A jumper/top that ends at the widest point of the hip is usually best and doesn’t take any length off your legs unlike this top.

The style of this jumper may work if I minimized my bust to avoid it dominating and ruining the drapey style – see my post on boob strategy for more information.


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