4 things that will make you look better in jeans


I’m gaining the impression that we hourglasses may need to downplay that tiny waist a bit when wearing jeans in a casual style.  I’m not talking about dressy jeans looks – by all means play up your va-va-voom in those outfits – just the casual chillin’ sort of looks.
I often feel girls with straighter bodies look better in casual jeans. There’s just something more effortless about it.  I’ve observed women in real life, of varying sizes, just generally rock the jeans look if their hip/thigh area is a bit straighter, and you can see the same principle demonstrated on celebrities.  See this picture (or any picture) of Jennifer Aniston in jeans for the idea.  And contrast with this picture of Jennifer Lawrence, more of a curvy frame, in jeans (as an aside, JL has a phenomenal body in my opinion, and would floor the opposition in another type of outfit, but we’re focusing on casual in this blog).  As another aside, there’s been so SO many times in my life where I’ve felt more like JL in casual gear than JA – this photo of Jennifer Lawrence is just exactly what I expect to look like in shorts – does anyone else know what I mean?!
This may be because jeans, or trousers in general, are a more mannish garment, meaning they tend to compliment the more masculine frame better than a womanly frame.
Adding to this is the fact that hourglass frames are the direct opposite of a man’s frame.
Now I know there are many variations of jeans out there that have been adapted for more curvy frames – PZI jeans and NYDJ are a couple of brands that fit curvy thighs and hips perfectly. But the basic concept of jeans is still menswear. As opposed to dresses which are specifically womenswear (ignore togas and kilts, that doesn’t fit with my theory ha!).

So it may follow that the closer to a manly frame the jeans-wearer is, the better they suit this mannish garment.

So returning to the glorious bundle of curves that we call our bodies, there’s a few key areas that scream woman when you pour them into jeans. These areas may be the ones we want to minimize if we want to pull off an effortless casual jeans look.

De-emphasise that tiny waist: The contrast between waist and hips screams woman when wearing jeans. How do we minimize? Try a t-shirt that loosely follows but doesn’t stick to your waist (see the Kim Kardashian Jeans and T-shirt looks in this post). I’m against super loose, straight tops as if you have boobs, you can turn your torso into a block. Maybe smaller chested hourglasses would be able to rock this look better, but even they should be wary of their wider shoulders which can, again, create a chunky looking shape when dressed in a billowy top.

Shrink your hips: How do you minimize hips? Well ultra-low rise jeans may contribute to halving the visual impact of the hips. In contrast, high waist jeans are obviously womanly and emphasise hips (but it’s also my opinion that they look better on moderate or small hips because those straight girls can ham-up their hip area to look more curvy in those jeans, whereas our hips go SUPERNOVA in them).
A short waisted figure (which is usually a component of an hourglass frame – it’s what makes the waist and hips look so dramatic against each other) often is flattered by a lower rise trouser cut too, as you correct the ‘shortness’of your torso against the length of your legs (high waisted clothing pushes your waist visually up so on a short-waisted gal you can look like you have legs up to your armpits and no body).

Don’t go too tight on the thighs: Over the years I’ve often felt that jeans ought to stick to the thigh area and flare/become looser elsewhere.  I’m starting to re-think this because the people I think look good in casual jeans outfits tend to not sport such a tight look around the thighs.  A degree of looseness may add to the casual vibe and may mean your thighs are downplayed a touch, aligning your curvy hourglass frame with a straighter, more mannish frame.  I’m not 100% on this point yet, but will keep thinking about it.  As a note of caution, if your jeans/trousers are cut too wide, you can broaden your lower half and bulk up what is already a fuller area for us.  So try to hit a happy medium.

Go for straight leg in preference to skinny: I’m not entirely sure why this generally looks better on hourglasses than super skinny (except, perhaps for the reasons stated above, to do with minimizing feminine curviness of thighs and calves) but I’ve observed on both myself and several other hourglass-figured friends that the straight look is more flattering than the tighter skinny look.  Not that it stops me trying to wear skinnies at all, but if I’m trying to build the best casual wardrobe I can, the principle of straight leg jeans will come in handy.

I hope those tips are useful for you to consider when investing in a good pair of casually-cut jeans, let me know what you agree or disagree with 🙂






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