Kim Kardashian casual style hits and misses


On average, Kim Kardashian will go for a more dressed-up look, even when casual, and heels are an almost ubiquitous feature of her outfits.  I love how her style has evolved over the years, and although I’m not keen on the over-exposed look, I feel she’s done well to transition from attention grabbing outfits to a more sophisticated fashionista style.  It needs to be stated that what Kim achieves in looking good nearly all the time is no mean feat – she’s petite in height, short-waisted and has extreme in-and-out curves.  Often these features can be a recipe for disaster when it comes to clothes, so I actually feel she does an extraordinary job of looking great.

Let’s review a few of my favourite casual outfits, chosen mainly for their real-life wearability.

The Jeans and Blazer look

I absolutely adore this look on Kim K; there’s an effortless class about this outfit that works with an hourglass figure.  The outfit on the left is my favourite – the reasons I love it are the awesome fit of her jacket, the drapey scarf keeps everything…drapey and sophisticated, but for some reason I don’t feel it adds bulk.  The tunic length of her top works well with the thigh-high boots.  This is a good way to see how an hourglass can rock thigh high boots in a more classy, less obvious way – if you had black jeans instead of blue, the look could be even more subtle.  In the middle pic – I’m not keen on her ankle-cut off boots here, but the rest works for me.  And on the left, there’s a cool example of flats (flip-flops) working in this outfit.

The Jeans and Tee look

I think she must realise how good this looks on her as she recycles this combination several times (same idea as my ‘uniform’ concept discussed here).  I accept that she may not look her slimmest in this outfit, but my eye finds it aesthetically pleasing nonetheless.  I think the way she makes this work is to have her t-shirt relatively fitted, not tight but not billowing (the lack of tightness also makes the skinny jeans work better, in the same way less small-waisted women seem to look better in jeans than us) and down to her hip.  She has kept her colour palettes fairly un-contrasting. And obviously she’s invested in the best of jeans which gets you a long way as an hourglass.  Note she’s often also resorted to heels to make herself look a bit slimmer, which works, but I also feel the flip-flops look on the right works too.

Other Jeans pairings

On the left, I love that she manages to make a crisp white shirt work – note how she’s tucked up one side for a casual effect.  Don’t be deceived by the loose look of her shirt, I believe it would’ve been perfectly tailored to skim bust and fit arms, whilst also looking sufficiently loose and boyfriend-y.  The middle look I love because she’s wearing our absolute friend in the jeans world – flared/bootcut jeans – she’s also got her jumper down to the hip, and has avoided looking too broad by pairing the wider-legged jeans with wedges.  The look on the right is an easy one for an hourglass to pull off – take one poncho, and any skinny lower half, and you’ll be fine.

Casual dress looks

Take one straight (not-too-poofy) maxi dress, apply one hourglass figure, and you’re good.  Buy this style of dress in any colour that suits you, add flip-flops and other accessories and you can’t lose.  Wear control underwear if your midriff or booty needs some tightening up 🙂  The middle pic demonstrates a wrap around – again, always a good bet for an hourglass as long as you can keep the cleavage area classy!  And I just adore the floaty chiffon dress on the right – fits the waist, flares over hips, length perfectly just on the knee, and strappy top half keeps her upper body looking delicate.  Love it.


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