What a difference a top makes…

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Just a quick little post today; I was in Pagani earlier today (an excellent shop for dresses for an hourglass by the way, for NZ readers) and I thought I’d try on a couple of sweaters with two purposes:

  1. to see if a Bardot style too could work with an hourglass figure
  2. to illustrate the difference it makes to your look when you emphasise your waist

The above points will now be illustrated by a series of extremely dodgy iPhone changing room photos – sorry for the poor off-the-cuff quality!

The Bardot top, Pagani ribbed roll neck top, $39.99 (NZD)


I was pretty pleasantly surprised by this jumper – it doesn’t look like much on the hanger, and the fold-over neckline can be a bit fiddly and look a bit rumpled despite your best efforts. But the broad, shoulder-baring style was very flattering contrary to what I expected. It balanced my hips well (in my opinion, see what you think from the photos) and distracted from rather than over-emphasised the bust. The overall look was quite casual and subtle-sexy, and you could wear it quite easily with skinny or flared jeans (as I was sporting today).  I didn’t buy it yet because I’m not sure where I’d wear it except at home (I’m generally pretty covered up most of the time), but another woman would easily chuck it on all the time. The ribbed stretch material is grey marl giving a casual feel, and seems to be pretty good quality.


Top number two, a soft lavender faux-wrap top (‘cross front knit jumper’, $59.99), looked like my ideal top on the hanger. The colour is girlish and complementary, I adore the softness of wrap tops, especially  on hourglasses, and being a deep V-neck it was bound to flatter the boobs.


You’ll see from the photos that the unfitted cut of the knit obliterates my waist entirely, and makes me look like my body is the width of my shoulders and hips. It was even less flattering when the top was pulled down/untucked fully.

The whole look shortens me too, even with my heels on, and is generally not at all flattering on me.  As an aside though, I do love the colour of this jumper, and the wrap effect is actually flattering on an hourglass, but the way this look could be improved would be to have a waist-tie or fitted style like this.


The drape of a wrap top always looks lovely – shame about the no-waist look though

Looking on the Pagani website, they ship internationally for any non-NZ readers who are interested :).



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