Why this blog?


“Has anyone had any success on working out a classic but edgy and fashionably youthful style that is relaxed and looks fabulous with curvy, hourglass figures?”

The quote above is from a lady on a style forum, and as soon as I read it, I empathized completely.

If you’re like me, you got a curvy, feminine frame; you probably look good in a bikini, and in smart tailored clothes; and you probably look better dressed up than dressed down.

But therein lies the problem – ‘you look better dressed up than down’…You just look a bit ‘blah’ when you dress down.

We hourglasses often love what we can’t have.  We’ve all got that mate who looks fantastic, slim and awesome when in jeans and a tee-shirt with her hair scraped back in a bun.  She effortlessly manages that lithe, thin-thigh look, that casual skinny-jeans-with-loose-top, and whether she’s nipped out to the corner shop for milk, or picking the kids up from school, or walking up a mountain – she still looks great.

Us?  Not so much.  We have two options.  We emulate said straight-figured mate, slide into our skinny jeans and floaty top and accept looking distinctly dumpy and two stone heavier than we actually are, or we stick to what we’re good at and will be found buying milk in five inch heels, a full face of make-up and a pin-up dress Jessica Rabbit would envy.


Yep, there’s us…’Just popping out to get crumpets and sweetcorn!’

So what’s the answer?  I want casual outfits, but without the dumpy effect!

I’ve spent a good 15 years of my life searching for good hourglassy-casual looks; I’ve looked online, I look in shops and magazines.  And yes there is a bit of inspiration out there, but there’s not much of what I want, which is examples of outfits that really work on a normal sized girl.


Classic pinterest advice: ‘Just wear this, hourglasses.’ If my thighs were this shape, my friend, we wouldn’t find ourselves in the conundrum we’re in today >:[

I wanted to fill a little bit of a niche where I could provide photos, ideas (evidence of my struggles #thepainisreal) of a normal-sized girl with curves, wearing outfits that suit a curvy frame without looking dumpy, shapeless or too formal.

I don’t know if our bodies are too ‘woman’ in a world where casual clothes are often kinda boyish.  I don’t know if it’s even possible to adapt those cool-edgy looks for our type of figures.  I’m also sure I’ll stray into formal territory way too often because that’s where my strengths lie.

But I’ve started this blog to document my studies and  I’m going to be attempting a variety of casual outfit examples such as:

  • camping, hiking, walking gear
  • gym and running gear
  • casual tourist outfits
  • casual sunny day  outfits
  • slouching round the house on Saturdays gear
  • at Uni or college gear
  • at friends BBQ gear
  • casual winter’s day outfits
  • girl about town gear
  • and much more

I love looking and feeling my best all the time, being the girly-girl that I am, so I hope to emerge from this experience looking perpetually put-together even when dressed down for the day.



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